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18/01/2023 EIF Working Paper 2023/86, Determinants of EU Greentech investments: the role of financial market conditions
22/12/2022 Operational Plan 2023-2025
21/12/2022 EIF Working Paper 2022/85: “EIF Private Equity Mid-Market Survey 2022: Market sentiment and impact of the current geopolitical & macroeconomic environment”
01/12/2022 Understanding your benefits
24/11/2022 EIF Working Paper 2022/084: European Small Business Finance Outlook 2022
14/10/2022 EIF Working Paper 2022/83, The 2021 EIF SME Access to Finance Index October 2022 update
12/10/2022 EIF Working Paper 2022/82, EIF Venture Capital Survey 2022: Market sentiment and impact of the current geopolitical & macroeconomic environment
27/09/2022 Audit Board Charter
27/09/2022 Rules of Procedure
27/09/2022 EIF Statutes
09/08/2022 EIF Working Paper 2022/81, EIF Business Angels Survey 2021/22: Market sentiment
26/07/2022 EIB Group Corporate Governance Report 2021
19/07/2022 EIB Group Market Abuse Policy
06/07/2022 EIB Group -2021 Sustainability Reporting Disclosures in accordance with the GRI Standards
06/07/2022 EIB Group -2021 Sustainability Report
06/07/2022 EIB Group -2021 TCFD report
13/06/2022 EIF in Spain
30/05/2022 Complaints Mechanism Report 2021
30/05/2022 Rapid assessment of the EIB Group’s operational response to the COVID-19 crisis
12/05/2022 EIF Working Paper 2022/80, EIF Private Debt Survey 2021 - ESG considerations in the lending strategy of private debt funds
02/05/2022 EIB Group Evaluation Activity Report 2021 and Work Programme 2022-2024
08/04/2022 AGM 2022 - Activity Report by the Chairman of the Board of Directors
08/04/2022 Audit Board Activity Report for the financial year 2021
08/04/2022 EIF Annual Report 2021
08/04/2022 Paris Alignment restrictions applicable to InvestEU Guarantee transactions and similar products
05/04/2022 Usage of the Baseline pattern at the European Investment Fund (EIF)
01/04/2022 Guideline on the EIF’s criteria for Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability (CA&ES)
10/02/2022 EIF Working Paper 2022/079: EIF Private Debt Survey 2021 - Private Debt for SMEs - Market overview
10/02/2022 EIF Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Principles
19/01/2022 Operational Plan 2022-2024
22/12/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/078: EIF Private Equity Mid-Market Survey 2021: Market sentiment
21/12/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/077: EIF Private Equity Mid-Market Survey: Fund managers’ perception of EIF’s value added
13/12/2021 EIB Group Corporate Governance Report 2020
24/11/2021 EIB Group Whistleblowing Policy
22/11/2021 Guidelines for the assessment of research entities, applicants and research proposals
29/10/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/076: The 2020 EIF SME Access to Finance Index
28/10/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/075: European Small Business Finance Outlook 2021
13/10/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/074: EIF Venture Capital Survey 2021: Market sentiment
23/09/2021 Joint EIF – Invest Europe study: The VC factor – Pandemic Edition
31/08/2021 EIB Group Anti-Fraud Policy
31/08/2021 EIB Group Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism Policy
19/08/2021 The EIB Group Evaluation Policy
16/08/2021 EIB Group - Task Force on Climate-related - Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report 2020
30/07/2021 EIB Group Charter for Internal Audit
28/07/2021 Complaints Mechanism Report 2020
30/06/2021 Evaluation of the European Fund for Strategic Investments
03/06/2021 Operations Evaluation Activity Report 2020 and Work Programme 2021-2023
01/06/2021 EIB Group 2020 Sustainability Report
17/05/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/073: EIF VC Survey Autumn 2020: Regional analysis
22/04/2021 AGM 2021 - Activity Report by the Chairman of the Board of Directors
22/04/2021 Audit Board Activity Report for the financial year 2020
22/04/2021 EIF Annual Report 2020
21/04/2021 EIF Staff Regulations
12/03/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/072: Financial and social inclusion in Europe
23/02/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/071: EIF Venture Capital, Private Equity Mid-Market & Business Angels Surveys 2020: Market sentiment – COVID-19 impact – Policy measures
15/02/2021 The Governance of the European Investment Fund
01/02/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/070: The impact of VC on the exit and innovation outcomes of EIF-backed start-ups
28/01/2021 Evaluation of the EIB Group Risk Enhancement Mandate
27/01/2021 The EIB Group Climate Bank Roadmap 2021-2025
20/01/2021 Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism Framework
04/01/2021 EIF Working Paper 2021/069: Scale-Up Financing and IPOs: Evidence From Three Surveys
29/12/2020 Operational Plan 2021-2023
09/11/2020 Il FEI in Italia
13/10/2020 EIF Working Paper 2020/068: The EIF SME Access to Finance Index September 2020 update
17/09/2020 EIF Working Paper 2020/067: European Small Business Finance Outlook 2020
29/08/2020 EIF Working Paper 2020/066: Measuring microfinance impact: A practitioner perspective and working methodology
28/08/2020 EIF Working Paper 2020/065: The social return on investment (SROI) of four microfinance projects
30/07/2020 EIF Working Paper 2020/064: The market sentiment in European Private Equity and Venture Capital: Impact of COVID-19
22/07/2020 Complaints Mechanism Report 2019
17/07/2020 LMM portfolio in the fight against COVID-19
22/06/2020 EIF Working Paper 2020/063: ESG considerations in Venture Capital and Business Angel investment decisions: Evidence from two pan-European surveys
06/05/2020 EIB Group Policy towards weakly regulated, non-transparent and non-cooperative jurisdictions and tax good governance
23/04/2020 EIF Annual Report 2019
20/03/2020 Notice to Financial Intermediaries on short-terms measures (20.03.2020)
24/02/2020 EFSI Private Credit Investor Protection (information leaflet)
24/02/2020 EIF Diversified Debt Funds (brochure)
03/02/2020 EIF Working Paper 2020/062: The Business Angel portfolio under the European Angels Fund: An empirical analysis
19/12/2019 Corporate Operational Plan (COP) 2020-2022
18/12/2019 EIF Working Paper 2019/061: European Small Business Finance Outlook, December 2019
09/12/2019 EIB Group Staff Code of Conduct
05/12/2019 The VC factor: Data driven insights about VC-backed start-ups in Europe
20/11/2019 EIF Working Paper 2019/060: EIF Business Angels Survey 2019 - Market sentiment, public intervention and EIF’s value added.
14/11/2019 Luxembourg Future Fund (LFF) - brochure for intermediaries
28/10/2019 EIF submission to the SCI Capital Relief Trades Awards 2019
17/09/2019 EIF Working Paper 2019/059: EIF VC Survey 2019 - Fund managers’ market sentiment and policy recommendations
15/07/2019 EIF Working Paper 2019/058: The EIF SME Access to Finance Index June 2019 update
04/07/2019 EIF Working Paper 2019/057: European Small Business Finance Outlook, June 2019
24/06/2019 EIF Working Paper 2019/056: The real effects of EU loan guarantee schemes for SMEs: a pan European assessment
01/05/2019 The EIF in Greece
01/05/2019 Le FEI en France
17/04/2019 EIF Working Paper 2019/055: The economic impact of VC investments supported by the EIF.
12/04/2019 EIF in 2018
11/04/2019 AGM 2019 - Activity Report by the Chairman of the Board of Directors
11/04/2019 AGM 2020 - Activity Report by the Chairman of the Board of Directors
09/04/2019 EIF Annual Report 2018
09/04/2019 Audit Board Activity Report for the financial year 2018
09/04/2019 Audit Board Activity Report for the financial year 2019
05/02/2019 EIF Working Paper 2019/054: Econometric study on the impact of EU loan guarantee financial instruments on growth and jobs of SMEs
22/01/2019 Securitisation: EIF Ex-Post Value Added Assessment
31/12/2018 WB EDIF Annual Report 2018
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