Joint EIF – Invest Europe study: The VC factor – Gender lens edition

    Release date: 24 October 2023

“The VC Factor – Gender lens edition” provides data-driven insights into European VC and its gender diversity trends.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the EIF and Invest Europe, the report sheds light on the gender diversity gap in the European VC ecosystem on the side of investors and entrepreneurs. Between 2011 and 2021, only one in ten founders and CEOs receiving VC in Europe was a woman. On the investor side, one in seven high-profile VC investors in Europe was a woman.

In addition, “The VC Factor – Gender lens edition” looks at more than 600 VC hubs in Europe and the complex interactions between them. In the last decade, two-thirds of investment volumes flowed between distinct VC hubs, blending diverse entrepreneurial and cultural backgrounds. These interactions could be the key to a cohesive and thriving European VC landscape.

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