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22/01/2021Artboost, Denmark - an EIF portfolio company under the CCS guarantee
15/11/2020How EFSI benefits SMEs Europe – Movimento (Italy) - production of 'Non Odiare' supported under the EU's CCS loan guarantee
13/11/2020Infarm: urban farming (r)evolution
13/11/2020BCB Medical: data-life-wisdom
13/11/2020KAAI: carrying your life
13/11/2020Elmodis - innovation for smart machinery in Poland
07/12/2020Helioz (Austria) - Social enterprise with an innovative solution to prevent waterborne diseases
06/02/2019SMATE: Made in Italy
06/02/2019Drôle de Pain: responsible bakery
24/10/2018Innovation for better wastewater management - Kando
24/10/2018Digital solutions for business in Romania - Smart Bill
23/01/2018The EU at work: Stories of innovation across Europe
19/01/2018The future is small - How EIF supports SMEs across Europe
14/03/2018Building a VC ecosystem in Bulgaria
10/01/2018Supporting SMEs in Europe – Deister Electronic, Germany
09/01/2018How EFSI benefits SMEs Europe – Jan David (Denmark), agriculture
05/01/2018Supporting SMEs in Europe – Drytools, Serbia
04/10/2018Archikubik: productive landscapes
04/01/2018How EFSI benefits SMEs Europe – Neobuto (Czech Republic), children's shoe-shop
03/01/2018How EFSI benefits SMEs Europe – Manifoods (Greece), food industry
19/12/2017How EFSI benefits SMEs Europe – Exovite (Spain), healthcare technology
12/12/2017How EFSI benefits SMEs Europe – HeyDay (Estonia), fresh juice producer
11/12/2017How EFSI benefits SMEs Europe – Frusack (Czech Republic), reusable shopping bags
08/12/2017Supporting SMEs in Europe – Pukas Surf, Spain
07/12/2017Supporting SMEs in Europe – Brújula, Spain
06/12/2017Supporting SMEs in Europe – Taf Helicopters, Spain
06/12/2017Pop Industry: European scale-up
29/11/2016How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - ING case study: Flen Pharma (Luxembourg/Belgium), medical device company
29/07/2016How EFSI benefits SMEs Europe – Barclays case study: NetThings (UK), technology firm
29/07/2016How Progress Microfinance benefits SMEs in Europe – ORGA bouw, The Netherlands
29/10/2015How GAGF benefits SMEs in Europe – Mavi Fruits, Turkey
30/01/2014Supporting SMEs in Europe – Skyscanner, UK
15/04/2014Supporting SMEs in Europe – Workable, Greece
12/06/2014Supporting SMEs in Europe – Liftra, Denmark
10/01/2014Supporting SMEs in Europe – Dorinda Reis, Portugal
08/05/2013EIB Group: sustainable growth and jobs

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