The EIF and InvestEU

Helping to achieve InvestEU objectives by crowding in private funding and supporting Europe’s small businesses

Our role

InvestEU brings a new wave of finance for innovation and job creation in Europe.  We are proud to be a major InvestEU implementing partner and help deliver support to smaller companies across Europe.

We will be leveraging €11bn of InvestEU Fund resources and attract additional private investments through guarantee and equity risk sharing instruments aiming to mobilise €145bn in investments benefiting SMEs, small mid-caps and mid-caps, infrastructure projects, individuals.

InvestEU products managed by the EIF

Our aim is to help maximize the reach & impact of public resources whilst focusing on key policy areas that are important for InvestEU. To achieve this, the EIF will use its proven risk sharing instruments that have, over the years, delivered up to 13x leverage on initial funds.

Our InvestEU toolkit includes (counter) guarantees, equity investments, and capacity building investments.

Furthermore, advisory support will be offered alongside InvestEU products in cooperation with EIB Advisory services.

InvestEU financing – who is it for?

With InvestEU, we are able to offer targeted finance for a range of beneficiaries, from the EIF’s traditional focus on smaller companies (SMEs, small mid-caps) to now include larger mid-caps or individuals under certain financial products in our InvestEU offering.

The EIF does not provide financing directly to these beneficiaries, thus we will continue to rely on our strong network of intermediaries across Europe. We will publish here a list of financial intermediaries.


Financial intermediaries partnering with the EIF

With InvestEU, we are able to offer targeted finance for smaller companies and other beneficiaries across the key policy areas and at different stages of development.

For financial intermediaries interested in partnering with the EIF under InvestEU, we will publish the open call for expression of interest on our website.

The EIF selects financial intermediaries based on the applications to the open call and following a standard selection process including due diligence.

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