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04/05/2021 EU support for Lithuanian small and microbusinesses through LCCU credit unions
28/04/2021 €200m European support for faster COVID-19 recovery of Croat SMEs
28/04/2021 European Investment Fund and EIT Digital team up to close digital skills gap in Europe
28/04/2021 Norrlandsfonden gets European Guarantee Fund backing to support Swedish SMEs
27/04/2021 Vækstfonden draws DKK 1.2 bln from European Guarantee Fund for Danish SMEs
27/04/2021 The EIF backs Santander Asset Management’s Alternative Leasing fund
26/04/2021 European Guarantee Fund: EIF and Tresmares Direct Lending back Spanish high-growth SMEs impacted by the COVID-19 crisis with €225 million
21/04/2021 EIF and CGD join forces to promote investments in the education sector in Portugal
19/04/2021 European Guarantee Fund: EIF and Alantra support European SMEs with €110 million
07/04/2021 EGF: EIF and Millennium bcp support Portuguese SMEs hit by COVID-19 crisis with nearly €1.2 billion
06/04/2021 PayRay Bank gets EU-backing to expand access to finance for Lithuanian SMEs
06/04/2021 Estonian and Lithuanian micro-enterprises to receive European support with Finora Capital
19/03/2021 European Guarantee Fund: Almi gets European backing to support Swedish SMEs
18/03/2021 €809 million EIB Group support for COVID-19 resilience, education, water, energy efficiency and private investment in Romania
18/03/2021 First EGF agreements in Portugal: EIF and CGD boost the economic recovery of Portuguese companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis
17/03/2021 Nordea and EIF: New financing for Nordic SMEs under European Guarantee Fund
17/03/2021 Ship2B Ventures, EIF and Banco Sabadell back the largest impact venture capital fund for startups in Spain
16/03/2021 EIF backs new €8.1 million Attica Bank scheme to ensure access to finance by vulnerable communities and small businesses across Greece
15/03/2021 EIF and Raiffeisenbank sign €85 million guarantee agreement to support SMEs during COVID-19 pandemic
11/03/2021 EGF: EIF and Banco Sabadell support tech SMEs and renewable energy industry with €148 million
10/03/2021 EIF and MVA to support Hungarian SMEs in culture and creative sector with €8.2 million
03/03/2021 DBT and European Investment Fund sign 1.5 billion SEK guarantee agreement to increase lending to Swedish SME’s
17/02/2021 Google invests €20.5 million to support SMEs and Life Science companies through funds advised by EIF
12/02/2021 Capital increase for EIF boosts finance for COVID-19 impacted companies and strengthens support for green and digital transformation of the EU economy
11/02/2021 Tikehau Capital completes first closing of its impact lending fund to c. €100million with EU support
04/02/2021 V-Bio Ventures launches its second fund at €78 million
01/02/2021 EIB Group and Deutsche Leasing Romania strengthen support for business impacted by COVID-19
01/02/2021 European support for financing to the cultural and creative sectors in Denmark.
26/01/2021 First BlueInvest fund agreements secure EUR 45 million for the blue economy
21/01/2021 EIF and Bulgaria support SMEs and mid-caps with up to €800 million
21/01/2021 MPS to provide EUR 450 million financing to Italian SMEs in Southern Italy, thanks to EIF “SME Initiative” securitization transaction
19/01/2021 EIB Group and BTV join forces to provide additional lending to SMEs and mid-caps
13/01/2021 European Investment Fund announces €300m of space sector finance with new investments into Orbital Ventures and Primo Space
13/01/2021 Austria: EIB Group cooperates with Raiffeisen-Leasing Group to support SMEs and Mid-Caps in response to the Covid-19 pandemic
12/01/2021 EUR 500m investment scheme opens to support Greek business
07/01/2021 European Scale-up Action for Risk Capital (ESCALAR) kicks off: First ESCALAR project signed with Swedish equity fund manager eEquity
07/01/2021 France: EIB Group and BNP Paribas launch new securitisation operation to support French companies facing the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis
07/01/2021 European backing for early stage life sciences innovation specialist BioGeneration Ventures – BGV IV closes at €140 million
18/12/2020 Malta: €54m unlocked by Maltese Government with EU Fund for over 2,000 projects in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
18/12/2020 EU increases its commitment to support Maltese SMEs up to €28 million
17/12/2020 Slovakia: EIB Group and Slovenská sporitelňa (SLSP) join forces to support SMEs and mid-caps impacted by COVID-19
17/12/2020 EIF and Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd unlock €60 million for Serbian SMEs
17/12/2020 EU and Luminor support Baltic SMEs and Mid-Caps
14/12/2020 Covid-19 support measures: EU backing for micro-lending in Lithuania
10/12/2020 European backing for Finnish crowdlending platform Vauraus
10/12/2020 ING and EIB Group come to the aid of Dutch SMEs and Mid-Caps during COVID-19
08/12/2020 European Union and the French State unlock €715 million for French businesses
07/12/2020 German start-up scene further strengthened – Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and EIF expand cooperation on start-up financing
03/12/2020 EIB Group provides €150 million to support artificial intelligence companies
02/12/2020 European guarantee for Invest-NL to expand financing options to innovative SMEs
01/12/2020 EIF and PMV step up support for Belgian SMEs hit by Covid-19 with EU backing
01/12/2020 EIB Group cooperates with Hypo Vorarlberg to support climate action investments
18/11/2020 European Union and the European Investment Fund approved a second Multilateral line of credit to Silk Road Bank AD Skopje in amount of €5 million
16/11/2020 First liquidity sell-and-lease-back in Poland with a COSME-Covid guarantee – only for clients of the PKO Bank Polski Group
04/11/2020 European initiative to expand support of Finnish SMEs
03/11/2020 Connecting impact investors with social enterprises: the European Social Innovation and Impact Fund launches after a successful first closing
31/10/2020 Invest-NL and European Investment Fund support innovative Dutch scale-ups
29/10/2020 PORTUGAL BLUE is set to mobilise €75 million in the blue economy ecosystem
29/10/2020 European Union backs Byggðastofnun to support small businesses in Iceland
28/10/2020 First six funds backed by the InnovFin Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology pilot raise a total of EUR 700m
21/10/2020 EIF and UNDP to strengthen cooperation for sustainable finance
19/10/2020 EIF signs up to United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment
14/10/2020 Estonia: European support for SMEs in cultural and creative sectors with €6 million guarantee to Finora Capital
06/10/2020 EIF and Raiffeisenbank sign a €10 million guarantee agreement to support SMEs in the culture and creative sectors in Bulgaria
05/10/2020 Avis attracts €130 million of international capital intended to finance its investments in green mobility
05/10/2020 European Commission announces support for the Venture Centre of Excellence programme
02/10/2020 EIF, UBB and European Commission extend cooperation to unlock €768 million for Bulgarian MSMEs
01/10/2020 Germany: EIB Group and Commerzbank join forces to support small and mid-sized companies in COVID-crisis
01/10/2020 Dutch social impact venture fund Rubio doubles fund size with EU backing
24/09/2020 EU and Helenos back microfinance in Lithuania through investments in the Lithuanian Central Credit Union
14/09/2020 COVID-19 recovery plan: European Investment Fund (EIF) increases counter-guarantee support to SIAGI to €235 million thanks to the backing of EU programme COSME
18/08/2020 EIF and Raiffeisen Bank sign €12 million guarantee agreement to support SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
06/08/2020 European Union boosts youth employment in Western Balkans with €10 million for small and medium enterprises
29/07/2020 Coronavirus: European Commission and European Investment Fund announce new Covid-19 measures for businesses under the EUR 251m Cultural and Creative Sectors Guarantee Facility
27/07/2020 EIB Group and Banco Santander Consumer Portugal provide EUR 587 million for Portuguese SMEs and mid-caps affected by covid-19 crisis
24/07/2020 Coronavirus: EIF and European Commission launch new Covid-19 measures supporting micro- and social enterprises under the EUR 400m EaSI Guarantee instrument
23/07/2020 EIF and UniCredit Bank Austria provide EUR 500 million in subsidised loans for innovative companies with up to 3,000 employees
15/07/2020 The first loan ever under the EaSI Funded Programme signed in Serbia
13/07/2020 First EaSI funded loan agreement in Romania to finance the micro-agro sector
10/07/2020 EU support for New Nordic Life Science Venture Fund, Eir Ventures
09/07/2020 European support for first close of Forbion Growth Opportunities Fund
07/07/2020 EIB Group and Bank of Georgia join forces to support businesses in Georgia to better deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis
02/07/2020 Investment Plan for Europe: Poland - EIB Group and Santander Bank Polska Group support new financing for Polish SMEs in response to COVID-19 crisis
01/07/2020 COVID-19: EIB Group and BBVA provide €1.423 billion for SMEs and mid-caps affected by the crisis
24/06/2020 ODDO BHF Asset Management’s first Private Debt Fund provides financing to German “Mittelstand” companies.
24/06/2020 Additional EU funds for Bavarian start-ups
18/06/2020 EIB Group and BAPR provide new financing for SMEs in Sicily
16/06/2020 EIB Group and Banco Sabadell provide €576 million to finance SMEs and mid-caps
09/06/2020 EU backs Norrsken VC Fund for social and environmental investments
18/05/2020 Social Finance Foundation announces two funding initiatives for community organisations and social enterprises in Ireland
15/05/2020 A new fund advised by VI Partners Swiss Innovation fund made its first closing. A major achievement in the current environment.
11/05/2020 The EU backs Aros Kapital to support micro-enterprises with €18.1 million
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