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10/01/2022 EIF and Raiffeisenbank to provide up to €150 million for SMEs in Bulgaria
05/01/2022 Triodos Bank offers film financing in Germany
04/01/2022 EIB Group and BBVA to make €960 million available to Spanish SMEs
04/01/2022 Sound Bioventures raises € 110 million for new biotherapeutics venture fund
28/12/2021 Anthilia Capital Partners and the European Investment Fund sign a new partnership to support Italian SMEs
28/12/2021 EIF and UniCredit to provide €1 billion for SMEs in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia
23/12/2021 EIF and Caja Rural Group through Banco Cooperativo Español will support Spanish SMEs with €200million
23/12/2021 EIF and MCC: launch of counter-guarantee operation for €3.2 billion of financing backed by the Guarantee Fund
22/12/2021 EIF, CaixaBank and MicroBank to support Spanish SMEs with €500 million under the EGF
21/12/2021 Poland: EIB Group and Santander Bank Polska group agree new financing for Polish SMEs under the European Guarantee Fund
20/12/2021 Ocean 14 Capital completes €80m first close of €150m inaugural impact fund with high-profile investors
15/12/2021 Ark Kapital and EIF unlock SEK 575 million for Swedish high-tech SMEs
13/12/2021 The EIF backs Opyn’s Magellano fund focusing Italian SMEs
13/12/2021 The European Investment Fund closes a commitment to invest €50 million in Spanish fund Everwood Renewables Europe V FCR focusing on renewable assets in Southern Europe
13/12/2021 Substantial European support for Lithuanian businesses hit by COVID-19 pandemic: up to €364 million
09/12/2021 €1.2 billion to support Italian companies with EIB Group-illimity agreement under European Guarantee Fund (EGF)
08/12/2021 Germany: EIB Group and Deutsche Bank join forces to support small and medium-sized companies during the COVID-19 crisis
08/12/2021 Invest-NL and European Investment Fund invest €30 million in SME debt fund October
08/12/2021 Germany: GFF-EIF fund of funds now financing startups in their growth stage
02/12/2021 Germany: CHANCEN eG receives European support for providing student financing
30/11/2021 EIF and Alter5 to finance renewable energy projects through a digital green bond programme
29/11/2021 EIF, Banco Caminos and Bancofar to strengthen recovery of Spanish companies with €57 million
23/11/2021 The European Investment Fund renews support to Included VC to enhance diversity and inclusion in the Venture Capital industry
23/11/2021 EIF supports Mano Bankas to make available €50mln favourable lending to Lithuanian SMEs until end of 2022
22/11/2021 SME Bank gets EU-backing to bring up to €100 million financing to Lithuanian SMEs
18/11/2021 Keen Venture Partners gets boost from EIF to support European technology SMEs
17/11/2021 Latvia: Students to get affordable European-backed study loans through ALTUM
17/11/2021 Launch of Banque Wormser Frères’ venture loan fund
12/11/2021 European Investment Fund, Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker, Minderoo Foundation and Builders Initiative to commit €60m of Ocean 14 Capital’s €150m inaugural impact fund
12/11/2021 Poland: EFL completes second debt securitisation
08/11/2021 EIF and Banca March to unlock €300 million for Spanish companies impacted by COVID-19
04/11/2021 COP26: EIB Group engages with clients to help them align to the goals of the Paris Agreement
02/11/2021 Portugal Tech II: Government, EIF and BPF boost investment for venture capital with Portuguese DNA
28/10/2021 Merkur Andelskasse gets European support to increase social and SME lending
21/10/2021 Renewed partnership between EIF and Millennium bcp to support Portuguese small and medium enterprises with an additional €1.650 billion
21/10/2021 PORTUGAL BLUE approves investment in Faber Blue Pioneers I, the first “deep tech” fund for blue economy and climate action in Iberia
18/10/2021 EIF and PMV lower interest rates on COVID-loans for Belgian SMEs
13/10/2021 Slovenian ALFI Private Debt fund raises EUR 41 million with EU support for investments in Slovenian and Croatian SMEs
12/10/2021 Schelcher Prince Gestion’s expertise in Private Debt recognised by the European Investment Fund
08/10/2021 LähiTapiola to provide €40 million in new lending to Finnish SMEs with EU support
06/10/2021 Oma Savings Bank uses European guarantee to offer new support to Finnish SMEs
04/10/2021 EUR 1.7bn of Life Science finance available a year after the launch of the Venture Centre of Excellence
30/09/2021 Invega uses European Guarantee Fund to support Lithuanian businesses in wake of COVID-19 pandemic.
30/09/2021 Advent France Biotechnology launches its second fund with a first close at €86M ($102M)
29/09/2021 Savings Bank launches €50 million for Finnish SMEs with European support
28/09/2021 €260 million in investments from CDP Venture Capital and EIF to support technology transfer
28/09/2021 Germany: EIF invests in impact-driven venture capital fund Ananda
27/09/2021 Santander and EIF provide over €500 million to boost recovery and growth of Spanish SMEs
24/09/2021 EIF to invest €25 million to support biomedical tech transfer in Central Europe
23/09/2021 New Fasanara €250 million fintech fund anchored by the EIF to support SMEs across the EU
23/09/2021 EIF and Oquendo to support Spanish SMEs with €57 million under the EGF
16/09/2021 CDP, EIF and MCC: 5 billion euro in new lending to SMEs through one of the largest guarantee operations ever carried out in Italy with EGF funds
15/09/2021 Nordea and EIB Group to offer new support for green SMEs in the Nordics
07/09/2021 €300 million for Nordic SMEs; Scandinavian Credit Fund I signs agreement with EIF
26/08/2021 Germany: EIF invests in impact-driven venture capital fund Revent
16/08/2021 European Guarantee Fund: Danish bank receives guarantees for DKK 149m in new lending to support growth of sustainable and socially responsible business and institutions
16/08/2021 Europe supports Swedish micro-entrepreneurs through Ponture AB
04/08/2021 CVI establishes with EIF support the first institutional direct lending fund ever with focus on Central Europe
29/07/2021 European Investment Fund and Luxembourg Future Fund to back Fabric Ventures’ 2021 in support of the Open Economy
27/07/2021 Delta AM completes first €75 million closing of its SME senior secured fund with EU support
26/07/2021 EIF, SID Banka and HBOR launch a new €40 million investment platform to support innovation, scientific research and the protection of intellectual property in Slovenia and Croatia
21/07/2021 Claris ventures announces final closing: €85 million for Italian biotech
20/07/2021 Panakès Partners announces the first closing of its new “purple” global biotech/ medtech fund at €150 million ($180 million)
19/07/2021 EIF and ABANCA to strengthen SME recovery in Spain with €220 million
19/07/2021 EIF rolls out a €100 million COVID-19 InnovFin support fund for innovative companies with its first investments
15/07/2021 ING Belgium and European Investment Fund sign €400 million guarantee agreement for SMEs
15/07/2021 Dutch Alternative Credit Instrument launched with European backing
13/07/2021 OTB Ventures launches new $60m fund to back European businesses at the next stage of growth
13/07/2021 European Guarantee Fund: DKK 425m for Danish SMEs with Flex Funding
13/07/2021 FINS: European Investment Fund backs €5.5 million loans for undergraduate and postgraduate students across the EU
08/07/2021 European Guarantee Fund well over half its €24.4 bn target in first 6 months
02/07/2021 Qredits gets European boost for post-COVID support: €70m for Dutch companies
25/06/2021 EIB President confirms €362 million support by EIB Group for road safety and financing for Cypriot companies impacted by COVID-19
24/06/2021 EIB and EIF partner with NBG to unlock more than €1 billion for Greek businesses impacted by COVID-19
22/06/2021 EIF and Telerik Academy sign agreement to help more students get IT training in Bulgaria
21/06/2021 Germany: EIB Group and LBBW join forces to support small and medium-sized companies in the COVID-19 crisis
11/06/2021 European Guarantee Fund: Bankinter and EIF sign agreement to finance SMEs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain and Portugal
09/06/2021 European Guarantee Fund: EIF and Riva Y Garcia Gestión back digital SMEs in Spain with €35 million
08/06/2021 Spain: EIF and StudentFinance provide financial support to students investing in their future
02/06/2021 CDP welcomes the European Investment Bank Group as an investor signatory
01/06/2021 Triodos Bank to extend support for cultural and creative sectors with EU backing
28/05/2021 EGF Guarantees to HBOR unlock fresh €50 million for faster COVID-19 recovery of Croatian SMEs and small mid-caps
27/05/2021 The Yield Lab Europe – European/global media press release
27/05/2021 European Guarantee Fund: EIF and BPI to leverage €250 million for Portuguese companies
17/05/2021 The European Commission and European Investment Bank Group join forces to protect the oceans and boost investment in the sustainable blue economy
12/05/2021 Atlantic Bridge launches University Bridge Fund II to invest €80m in next generation of global companies built from world class Irish research and innovation
05/05/2021 EIF extends EGF guarantees to UniCredit for up to €300 million in loans for COVID-19 recovery of Croatian, Bulgarian and Slovak SMEs
04/05/2021 EU support for Lithuanian small and microbusinesses through LCCU credit unions
28/04/2021 €200m European support for faster COVID-19 recovery of Croat SMEs
28/04/2021 European Investment Fund and EIT Digital team up to close digital skills gap in Europe
28/04/2021 Norrlandsfonden gets European Guarantee Fund backing to support Swedish SMEs
27/04/2021 Vækstfonden draws DKK 1.2 bln from European Guarantee Fund for Danish SMEs
27/04/2021 The EIF backs Santander Asset Management’s Alternative Leasing fund
26/04/2021 European Guarantee Fund: EIF and Tresmares Direct Lending back Spanish high-growth SMEs impacted by the COVID-19 crisis with €225 million
21/04/2021 EIF and CGD join forces to promote investments in the education sector in Portugal
19/04/2021 European Guarantee Fund: EIF and Alantra support European SMEs with €110 million
07/04/2021 EGF: EIF and Millennium bcp support Portuguese SMEs hit by COVID-19 crisis with nearly €1.2 billion
06/04/2021 PayRay Bank gets EU-backing to expand access to finance for Lithuanian SMEs
06/04/2021 Estonian and Lithuanian micro-enterprises to receive European support with Finora Capital
19/03/2021 European Guarantee Fund: Almi gets European backing to support Swedish SMEs
18/03/2021 €809 million EIB Group support for COVID-19 resilience, education, water, energy efficiency and private investment in Romania
18/03/2021 First EGF agreements in Portugal: EIF and CGD boost the economic recovery of Portuguese companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis
17/03/2021 Nordea and EIF: New financing for Nordic SMEs under European Guarantee Fund
17/03/2021 Ship2B Ventures, EIF and Banco Sabadell back the largest impact venture capital fund for startups in Spain
16/03/2021 EIF backs new €8.1 million Attica Bank scheme to ensure access to finance by vulnerable communities and small businesses across Greece
15/03/2021 EIF and Raiffeisenbank sign €85 million guarantee agreement to support SMEs during COVID-19 pandemic
11/03/2021 EGF: EIF and Banco Sabadell support tech SMEs and renewable energy industry with €148 million
10/03/2021 EIF and MVA to support Hungarian SMEs in culture and creative sector with €8.2 million
03/03/2021 DBT and European Investment Fund sign 1.5 billion SEK guarantee agreement to increase lending to Swedish SME’s
17/02/2021 Google invests €20.5 million to support SMEs and Life Science companies through funds advised by EIF
12/02/2021 Capital increase for EIF boosts finance for COVID-19 impacted companies and strengthens support for green and digital transformation of the EU economy
11/02/2021 Tikehau Capital completes first closing of its impact lending fund to c. €100million with EU support
04/02/2021 V-Bio Ventures launches its second fund at €78 million
01/02/2021 EIB Group and Deutsche Leasing Romania strengthen support for business impacted by COVID-19
01/02/2021 European support for financing to the cultural and creative sectors in Denmark.
26/01/2021 First BlueInvest fund agreements secure EUR 45 million for the blue economy
21/01/2021 EIF and Bulgaria support SMEs and mid-caps with up to €800 million
21/01/2021 MPS to provide EUR 450 million financing to Italian SMEs in Southern Italy, thanks to EIF “SME Initiative” securitization transaction
19/01/2021 EIB Group and BTV join forces to provide additional lending to SMEs and mid-caps
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