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EIF in Spain

  •   Release date: 13 June 2022
In Spain, capital delivered through specific debt and equity instruments via funds and banks, EU programmes and other initiatives have supported key sectors and industries, fostering investment and competitiveness. These are helping the country to achieve its objective of becoming Europe’s most entrepreneurial nation by 2030. This is a summary of EIF financing activities that supported 350,000 Spanish SMEs and mobilised close to €55 billion of financing for businesses.

Complaints Mechanism Report 2021

  •   Release date: 30 May 2022
2021 remained particularly challenging, also because of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. The EIB-CM registered 64 new cases, handled a total of 107 cases and closed 64 of them. With 71% the vast majority of cases open at year-end were registered in 2021. The EIB-CM managed to close several complex cases containing a range of environmental and social allegations such as the Curtis Biomass Power Generation Plant (Spain), Nepal Power System Expansion (Nepal), GEEREF/Akiira Geothermal Power Plant ...

Rapid assessment of the EIB Group’s operational response to the COVID-19 crisis

  •   Release date: 30 May 2022
The EIB Group put in place a multifaceted response to help the economy withstand the coronavirus pandemic: it repurposed part of its resources, applied temporary measures to act quickly, and set up a dedicated initiative — the Pan-European Guarantee Fund (EGF). This rapid assessment found that the Group’s immediate response was set up in a quick and agile manner. It helped address the liquidity pressure; however, more flexibility would have been needed in its partial extension. As ...

EIF Annual Report 2021

  •   Release date: 08 April 2022
In 2021, despite the emerging global economic rebound, the outlook for European SMEs remained precarious and uncertain as many of the pandemic’s challenges persisted. This has required continued support for SME financing to ensure a sustainable recovery. In this context, throughout the year, we accelerated our financial relief measures focussing our efforts on helping Europe recover. We rapidly rolled out targeted financial packages and other instruments to ensure that European ...

Usage of the Baseline pattern at the European Investment Fund (EIF)

  •   Release date: 05 April 2022
Following an internal workshop conducted by Unibright for the EIF in March 2021, this feasibility study looks at the use of concepts and models of the Baseline Protocol in the context of a potential EU-wide Intermediated Financing Platform for small businesses. The individual basic concepts of the Baseline Protocol are presented and evaluated for their applicability in the given context.
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