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LMM portfolio in the fight against COVID-19

  •   Release date: 17 July 2020
Discover here a brief overview of EIF portfolio companies that have in various ways and in different sectors contributed to the fight against the #coronavirus pandemic over the past months.

EIF Annual Report 2019

  •   Release date: 23 April 2020
The EIF’s 2019 activity reflects the ongoing demand for SME financing in Europe, as well as the EIF’s commitment to serve it. Last year the EIF mobilised record-breaking levels of resources in support of around 323,000 SMEs.

The VC factor: Data driven insights about VC-backed start-ups in Europe

  •   Release date: 05 December 2019
“The VC Factor” is the first large-scale study of VC-backed start-ups located in the European Union. Thanks to the joint effort of the EIF and Invest Europe, the research looks at about 9,000 firms invested in 2007-15 and analyses their characteristics as well as their post-investment performance. The study employs cluster analysis to evaluate and group VC-backed firms according to their four-year growth rates across five key metrics – assets, revenue, staff size, intangibles ...

Le FEI en France

  •   Release date: 01 May 2019
Le FEI recourt à une panoplie variée d’initiatives et de produits financiers qui aident à mettre en oeuvre les fonds européens et nationaux dans le but d’améliorer l’accès des PME aux financements et de stimuler la croissance et l’innovation. Depuis sa création, le FEI a engagé 7.3 milliards d’euros en France.

WB EDIF Annual Report 2018

  •   Release date: 31 December 2018
By supporting SMEs and the infrastructure surrounding them, WB EDIF contributes to the overall growth and development of the Western Balkans economies. Via WB EDIF, since 2012 , the EIF and its partners has succeeded to sustain more than 78 000 jobs, and to provide financial or technical support to more than 4 000 SMEs in the region. Read the 2018 highlights and a summary other important events under this EU-led initiative.

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