ENSI: EIF and NPIs Securitisation Initiative - Enhanced co-operation to support SME securitisation in Europe

    Release date: 03 August 2017

ENSI is an arrangement between the European Investment Fund (EIF) and National Promotional Institutions (NPIs) – and more generally, economic development institutions in the EU - to stimulate SME lending via the capital markets. The initiative’s principal objective is to use securitisation techniques that will enable financial intermediaries to provide more funding to SMEs. Principally this will be through increased funding to the financial intermediaries; however ENSI could also help lower capital requirements, reduce portfolio concentrations and potentially even deconsolidate portfolios of SME exposures. Financial intermediaries can receive these benefits against a commitment to extend new SME lending and the proposed transaction fits within the current mandates and internal guidelines of the participating ENSI Partner Institutions.

Further information can be found at: www.eif.org/ensi


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