EIF Working Paper 2018/47 - EIF SME Access to Finance Index, January 2018

    Release date: 23 January 2018

This Working Paper outlines the methodology underlying the new EIF SME Access to Finance (ESAF) Index, which aims at monitoring developments in SMEs’ access to financial resources in the EU. The index, which is newly developed and will be periodically updated, fills a gap since such an approach did not exist previously. Composite indicators are a useful tool in the policy maker’s toolbox, as they are able to summarise a complex phenomenon in one statistics summary that is straightforward to track over time, or to compare between countries.

The EIF Working Papers are designed to make available to a wider readership selected topics and studies in relation to EIF´s business. The Working Papers are edited by EIF's Research & Market Analysis and are typically authored or co-authored by EIF staff or are written in cooperation with EIF. The Working Papers are usually available only in English and distributed typically in electronic form (pdf).

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