EIF Working Paper 2017/39: “Guaranteeing Social Enterprises – The EaSI way”

    Release date: 23 February 2017

This Working Paper summarises the current state of the external financing markets of the Social Enterprises targeted by the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) guarantee program. The report starts by elaborating on the interpretation of what constitutes a Social Enterprise under the EaSI program. It goes on to provide an overview of the EaSI Social Enterprise sector in Europe and a discussion of its external financing market challenges. It furthermore discusses initiatives undertaken to address the challenges Social Enterprises face on the debt market.

The EIF Working Papers are designed to make available to a wider readership selected topics and studies in relation to EIF´s business. The Working Papers are edited by EIF´s Research & Market Analysis and are typically authored or co-authored by EIF staff or are written in cooperation with EIF. The Working Papers are usually available only in English and distributed only in electronic form (pdf).

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