EIF Working Paper 2014/22 - Guidelines for SME Access to Finance Market Assessments (GAFMA)

    Release date: 08 April 2014

Research & Market Analysis has the pleasure to present Guidelines for SME Access to Finance Market Assessments (GAFMA): SME Access to Finance Market Assessments (AFMAs) are important tools for the justification of proposals for the implementation of SME-related financial instruments, in particular under the regulations for the 2014-2020 programming period. According to the European Union Common Provisions Regulation, support of financial instruments shall be “based on an ex ante assessment which has established evidence of market failures or suboptimal investment situations, and the estimated level and scope of public investment needs, including types of financial instruments to be supported.” This Working Paper explains EIF’s approach for the market analysis part of SME-related ex-ante assessments, its structure and its various analytical tools. Moreover, it provides many relevant sources of information. These guidelines are intended to be a toolbox encompassing good practices and providing practical guidance to perform SME access to finance market assessment.

The EIF Working Paper Series has been designed to make available to a wider readership selected topics and studies in relation to EIF´s business. The Working Papers are edited by EIF´s RMA. They are typically authored or co-authored by EIF staff and are usually published only electronically. 

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Helmut Krämer-Eis

Head of EIF’s Research & Market Analysis

E-mail: h.kraemer-eis@eif.org

Tel.: (+352) 2485 81394

Tel.: (+352) 2485 81394


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