Breaking Down Investment Barriers at Ground Level

    Release date: 29 November 2016

The present report is part of the EIB Group’s contribution to the discussion on barriers to investment in Europe, in particular under the third pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe.

Through its vast project experience and market knowledge across many countries and economic sectors, the EIB Group has first-hand experience of barriers that hamper the implementation of investment projects on the ground. These barriers are related to regulation, market size and structure, public-sector promoter constraints and access to finance.

The report presents some examples of common barriers that hold back investment, as observed in the EIB Group’s everyday project work. In addition, it describes some innovative solutions to overcome these barriers, and shows that investment barriers can be overcome when the political will exists. More information on the topic can be found in an institutional paper of the European Commission: Investment Challenges in Energy, Transport & Digital Markets: A Forward Looking Perspective.


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