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22/09/2023 John Harsanyi Prize to the EIF
21/09/2023 InvestEU: EIF invests €40 million into the European climate tech growth fund - Blume Equity
19/09/2023 €80 million for Croatian start-ups through new EIF-managed investment programme
18/09/2023 EIF and Serafim Finans sign €10 million guarantee agreement under InvestEU
18/09/2023 EIF and HBOR launch new equity investment programme in Croatia
15/09/2023 InvestEU: Wormser Freres Gestion to provide up to €22 million of new venture debt financing for French Start-Ups, Small Medium Enterprises and Small Mid-Caps through EIF guarantees
14/09/2023 EIB Group and Deutsche Bank to provide €600 million in new financing for Italian businesses
14/09/2023 EIB Group and Deutsche Bank to provide €600 million in new financing for Italian businesses
11/09/2023 InvestEU: The European Investment Fund (EIF) and Arbevel has signed a portfolio guarantee of up to €72 million through its private debt fund to support SMEs and lower mid-caps growth
07/09/2023 InvestEU : Banque Populaire et la Fédération Nationale des Socama signent avec le Fonds européen d’investissement (FEI) un nouvel accord d’un milliard d’euros de prêts destiné à 30 000 TPE françaises
07/09/2023 InvestEU: Banque Populaire and Fédération Nationale des SOCAMA sign new €1 billion loan agreement with EIF to benefit 30 000 French micro-enterprises
31/08/2023 InvestEU: EIF invests €50 million to support circular plastics
23/08/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Lithuania’s SME Finance to deliver €40 million in new financing for businesses in the Baltics and beyond
03/08/2023 EIB Group and Banco Santander to unlock €990 million in new financing to support SMEs and its ecological transition
27/07/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Banco Santander sign guarantee agreement to support small businesses with up to €280 million in new financing
25/07/2023 InvestEU: €25 million for Czech and Slovak innovative companies working on digital transition through EIF guarantee
06/07/2023 InvestEU: EIF backs BPER Banca Group with €110 million to support sustainable and innovative investments in Italy
05/07/2023 Belgian regional investment companies to extend over €600 million in new lending for SMEs thanks to EIF and InvestEU
04/07/2023 InvestEU: European Investment Fund invests €25 million in Central and Eastern Europe-focused deep tech fund Radix Ventures
04/07/2023 Patria Credit to expand its support for small farms in Romania with InvestEU backing
04/07/2023 EIB Group, ICO and BBVA sign agreements to provide €1.26 billion in new financing to support SMEs and boost energy efficiency in Spain
03/07/2023 InvestEU: Sydbank to extend support for SMEs thanks to European Investment Fund Guarantee
26/06/2023 BNP Paribas partners with Banque des Territoires and the European Investment Fund to launch a new marketplace initiative: a fund to support the rollout of Impact Bonds across the European Union
22/06/2023 EIB Group and Romania: Marking 30 years of partnership with €675 million in new financing
21/06/2023 InvestEU: EIF to Facilitate up to €280 Million in New Financing to Czech and Slovakian SMEs and mid-caps by Komerční banka
21/06/2023 ProCredit Bank boosts access to finance for small businesses in Bulgaria with EIB Group backing
15/06/2023 InvestEU: EIF provides €50 million to illimity Bank to promote Italian SMEs' green and digital transition
15/06/2023 InvestEU: Impact Bridge launches €150 million impact fund with the support of the European Investment Fund and MicroBank
13/06/2023 InvestEU: EIF commits €25 million to Endeka Credito Italia I Fund focusing on Italian SMEs
09/06/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano S.p.A. join forces to promote the green transition of SMEs in Northern Italy
08/06/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Azimut Investments launch new senior private credit fund to promote climate action in Italy
08/06/2023 EIF and SID Bank sign €42 million guarantee agreement to support access to financing for sustainable investment, innovation, and digitalisation
06/06/2023 The European Investment Fund and Inveready Asset Management sign €30 million guarantee agreement to support innovative, high-growth technology SMEs
31/05/2023 The European Investment Fund and Caixa Geral de Depósitos sign InvestEU-backed guarantee agreement to provide €378 million of financing for SMEs in Portugal
26/05/2023 InvestEU: EIF signs agreement with Erste Group using EU guarantee to unlock finance for social enterprises
25/05/2023 InvestEU: EIF commits €60 million to the European NewSpace Fund Alpine Space Ventures
25/05/2023 InvestEU: European Investment Fund and Lithuanian SME Bank support businesses in the Baltics and beyond
22/05/2023 EIB Group and BNP Paribas sign new securitisation to support French SMEs and mid-caps
16/05/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Qredits sign agreement to unlock €100 million for Dutch micro-entrepreneurs
16/05/2023 InvestEU: EIF guarantees Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund to accelerate digitalisation of Danish SMEs and small mid-caps with DKK 318 million in new financing
15/05/2023 EIB Group and Santander will mobilize €162 million in financing to increase energy efficiency of buildings in Portugal
10/05/2023 InvestEU: EIF and UniCredit sign agreements to channel €1 billion to small businesses across seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe
09/05/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Finnvera sign agreement channelling €280 million to small businesses in Finland to boost green transition, innovation and digitalisation
03/05/2023 InvestEU: EIF and BBVA sign €200 million guarantee agreement to support startups with innovative and sustainable investment plans
03/05/2023 EIF and Agricover Credit agree to RON 45 million (€9.1 million) in financing for agri-business micro-enterprises in Romania
02/05/2023 InvestEU: More than DKK 110 million in EU funds for Danish small businesses
28/04/2023 InvestEU: EIF and microStart unlock €30 million for Belgian microenterprises
28/04/2023 First agreement under InvestEU Capacity Building Investment Product signed in Romania
18/04/2023 InvestEU: EIF guarantees Ark Kapital to enable €146 million in new financing for high-tech SMEs
13/04/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Noviti Finance sign agreement to make available up to €47 million for micro-businesses in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland
11/04/2023 Better access to finance for Northern Swedish businesses through EU guarantee
04/04/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Lisa& sign guarantee agreement to support Swedish SMEs with a circular economy business model
04/04/2023 EIB Group and ICO invest in UCI securitisation fund for renovating and building residential homes using sustainable criteria in Spain and Portugal
29/03/2023 European Tech Champions Initiative to fund scaleup of technology companies in Spain
27/03/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Banco BPI sign agreement to guarantee €155 million for green and digital transition of Portuguese companies
22/03/2023 InvestEU: EIF and OP Financial Group sign agreement to guarantee €200 million in new loans for Finnish companies, accelerating the green transition
22/03/2023 InvestEU: EIF provides Tenax with guarantees worth €60 million to promote the sustainability, innovation and digitalisation of Italian small businesses and mid-caps
21/03/2023 InvestEU: EIF and CGM Finance sign agreement unlocking €18.75 million to support social enterprises in Italy
21/03/2023 EIF joins forces with Finbee Verslui to provide €1 million in loans to Lithuanian micro-entrepreneurs
17/03/2023 SNCI and EIF Launch Luxembourg Future Fund 2 (LFF 2)
17/03/2023 PORTUGAL BLUE launch Growth Blue I, the first blue economy focused private equity fund in Southern Europe
13/03/2023 €24 million for cultural and creative small businesses in Belgium via ST’ART, a specialised investment fund financing cultural and creative industries, in conjunction with the European Investment Fund (EIF) and InvestEU
09/03/2023 Czech Republic and EIF launch €55 million fund of funds for digital technologies backed by Recovery and Resilience Facility
07/03/2023 InvestEU: EIF and CDP lend €70 million to Anima Alternative 2 Fund to promote growth of small businesses
07/03/2023 EIF and Santander sign InvestEU-backed agreement to guarantee up to €250 million in loans for companies in Portugal
01/03/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund join forces to support green transition of Danish businesses
26/02/2023 EIF, CaixaBank and MicroBank support Spanish small businesses with guarantees that will enable the mobilisation of more than €1 billion through the InvestEU programme
24/02/2023 Italy: New climate and environment solution with SDUF Green Tech
23/02/2023 InvestEU: EIF invests €25 million into pan-European climate-tech venture capital fund Contrarian Ventures
22/02/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Almi sign agreement to guarantee €211 million in new loans for small companies in Sweden
17/02/2023 InvestEU: Rivage Investment and the European Investment Fund backed by InvestEU announce a new impact debt fund
15/02/2023 InvestEU: EIF and Merkur join forces to mobilise up to DKK 160 million in new lending to foster sustainability
13/02/2023 Launch of New Fund of Funds to Support European Tech Champions
31/01/2023 InvestEU: Triodos Bank increases support to social enterprises with EU backing
27/01/2023 EIB Group, European Commission and public sector partners present InvestEU programme in France
19/01/2023 InvestEU: October SME V fund secures €35 million backing from EIF and Invest-NL
17/01/2023 Rabobank gets EIB Group backing to issue €1 billion in new lending to Dutch small businesses and mid-caps
29/12/2022 UniCredit: €750 million in additional loans to SMEs and Mid-Caps in Italy thanks to the EIB Group’s investment in a new consumer loan securitisation operation
27/12/2022 Raiffeisen Bank S.A. partners with EIB Group by way of synthetic securitisation in order to support increased access to finance of SME and MidCaps companies from Romania
22/12/2022 EIF and United Bulgarian Bank sign agreement under InvestEU to guarantee more than €110 million in new loans for SMEs and small mid-caps
22/12/2022 Bulgaria entrusts EIB Group with equity mandate under Recovery and Resilience Plan
22/12/2022 InvestEU: EIF and Banco Sabadell provide over €300 million to support high-growth small businesses and green companies
20/12/2022 Gelsomina Vigliotti appointed as Chair of the European Investment Fund
19/12/2022 InvestEU: Agreement between EIF and Orion Leasing offers €52.8 million in fresh funding for Lithuanian companies
16/12/2022 Supporting Polish SMEs and Mid-Caps development: EIB Group and Santander Consumer Bank Group sign a synthetic securitisation for PLN 1,146m (EUR 245m)
30/11/2022 Froda receives funding under the EaSI programme – providing another SEK 500 million to Swedish micro-entrepreneurs
29/11/2022 European Investment Fund and UniCredit Bank Austria sign the first InvestEU-support in Austria
29/11/2022 EIF and Erste Croatia to provide support for innovation, culture and creativity, as well as green and digital transition in Croatia
24/11/2022 InvestEU: EIF signs an agreement with OTB Ventures to raise €150 million for innovations in deep technologies sector
24/11/2022 EIB Group and Greece take next steps in implementing RRF investments, with additional EUR 400m to be managed by EIF
23/11/2022 Eurazeo announces the first close of its transition infrastructure fund to support the transition to a low carbon economy with a commitment from the European Investment Fund backed by InvestEU.
18/11/2022 Marjut Falkstedt appointed as Chief Executive of the European Investment Fund
11/11/2022 COP27: EIF supports €2.5 billion of climate action investment with five venture capital, private equity and infrastructure fund partners
11/11/2022 EIB Group at COP27: EIF and Suma Capital Climate Impact Fund III boost finance for greenfield energy efficiency and circular economy projects in Spain with support of InvestEU
10/11/2022 Eiffel Investment Group and the European Investment Fund backed by InvestEU announce innovative equity bridge solution to support renewable energy in Europe
31/10/2022 European Investment Bank Group at Web Summit 2022 (#WebSummit)
20/10/2022 Energy efficiency: MAIF and the European Investment Fund (EIF) backed by InvestEU join forces with the launch of the F2E Fund managed by Sienna Private Credit
18/10/2022 SHIFT4GOOD completes its first closing over €100m to invest in sustainable mobility start-ups
17/10/2022 EIF and ICF launch an investment partnership to support a first-time technology transfer fund in Catalonia
17/10/2022 EIB Group and UniCredit Bulbank to provide more than 630 million euro to Bulgarian small and medium enterprises
07/10/2022 InvestEU programme on track in Italy: Four new projects signed by the EIB Group
27/09/2022 InvestEU: Romanian microfinance strengthened by new European Investment Fund backing for BT Mic
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