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Portugal Growth programme

In 2019, the EIF and the Portuguese national promotional institution, Banco Português de Fomento (“BPF”; formerly known as “Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento (IFD)”), announced a EUR 100m partnership to support the growth and internationalisation of mature Portuguese companies through access to private equity.

The EIF and BPF each contributed EUR 50 million to this joint programme, which is expected to catalyse over EUR 300m into funds and companies, by crowding in further resources also from private investors.

The EIF manages and deploys Portugal Growth, through fund investments into Portuguese private equity, growth capital and mezzanine funds, including first-time funds.

As our partner, BPF provides local support and reference to fund managers who are seeking to launch new funds targeting investments in Portugal. 

Portugal Growth: 100 million to Portuguese SME's and Midcaps

Portugal Growth is the second equity partnership – following Portugal Tech – between the EIF and BPF under the EIF-NPI Equity Platform and the Investment Plan for Europe’s implementation in cooperation with EU National Promotional Institutions. BPF became a founding member of the EIF-NPI Equity Platform’s General Forum in September 2016.

Portugal Growth therefore benefits from the EIF’s long-standing experience in the Portuguese market, including the above initiatives as well as the earlier Portugal Venture Capital Initiative (PVCi).

Contacts for companies

The programme is no longer receiving fund applications.

If you are a company looking for funding, you may reach out to the following funds:

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