European Angels Fund (– Fondo Isabel La Católica (Spain)

European Angels Fund S.C.A. SICAR – Fondo Isabel La Católica* (EAF Spain) is a EUR 30 million initiative funded by the EIF, Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO) and Neotec set-up to provide equity to Business Angels and other non-institutional investors for the financing of innovative companies in the form of co-investments. The initiative has initially been launched in November 2012 in close cooperation with ICO and Axis**. EAF Spain has been established in December 2013 as one of the first compartments under the regulated European Angels Fund umbrella fund structure focusing on investment activity in Spain.

If you are a Business Angel and you are interested in collaborating with the EAF - Fondo Isabel La Católica,  please refer first to the EAF web page where you could read further about the benefits, operational details and selection criteria and then apply clicking on the online form.
*Isabel La Católica (1451-1504), Queen of Castile and León, is probably one of the first Business Angels of the “New World”. It is due to her financial support that Christopher Columbus' could undertake his venture in 1492 and write an important chapter in modern history. She also brought stability to the Spanish kingdoms which, was the basis for the subsequent unification of Spain to become the country as we know it today.

** ICO is a State-owned bank attached to the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competitiveness through the Secretariat of State for Economy and Business Support. Wholly owned by Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), Axis is a venture capital manager providing enterprises with capital and quasi-capital instruments to finance their growth. Neotec a joint initiative developed by the EIF and CDTI that aims to develop a sustainable risk capital activity in Spain that benefits technology‑oriented SMEs


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