We are a public-private partnership with a unique shareholding structure combining public and private investors. Our shareholding structure was modified in 2000, when the EIB became the majority shareholder, resulting in the formation of the EIB Group.

As a result of the General Meeting's approval of EIF's capital increase in May 2014, EIF's authorised capital was increased from EUR 3bn to EUR 4.5bn, resulting in a total of 4,500 authorised shares of a nominal value of EUR 1m each.

As of 15 February 2017, on the basis of the 4,382 issued shares (out of 4,500 authorised shares), the following percentages result from the current breakdown of shareholdings:

118 new shares remain authorised but unissued, having been reserved by the European Union in connection with its four annual subscriptions under the aforementioned capital increase.


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