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Thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe have been able to start-up or expand their businesses thanks to the EIF. The entrepreneurs below have all benefitted from equity capital or loans backed by the EU provided by a wide range of financial institutions, acting locally as EIF's  financial intermediaries. 

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How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - Arx Equity Partners case study: Nove Mesto nad Metuji (Czech Republic), baby food producers

  •  Release date: 14 February 2018
 Nutricia Deva is a former Danone-owned high-quality facility that produces fruit desserts and fruit drinks for babies in glass jars and bottles, possessing strong fresh fruit processing competencies and multiple bio and organic certifications.

Manufacturas Sonoras

  •  Release date: 13 February 2018
“What can I do after completing my studies?” Rosa Lopez, a young woman from the Majorcan town of Capdepera, had a very clear answer she had been mulling over for years. She did not have to go too far to find the help she needed to turn her plans of becoming an entrepreneur into reality.

Helioz: preventing waterborne disease in a sustainable way

  •  Release date: 12 February 2018
In 2018, an estimated 660 million people still don’t have access to clean drinking water. Martin Wesian experienced this first-hand experience during a trip to Venezuela, where he caught cholera by drinking contaminated water. Upon recovering, he decided to tackle the problem head-on.

Habock Aviation: when failure is not an option

  •  Release date: 11 February 2018
Active in disaster situations ranging from medical emergencies to forest fires, Habock Aviation operates a helicopter fleet in a world where failure is not an option. Headquartered at the Sabadell airport in Spain, the company has decades of experience in emergency medical services (EMS), fire-fighting, rescue and mountain operations, offering a public service of critical importance.

How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - SIAGI case study: Cullen Language Services (France), language school

  •  Release date: 07 February 2018
With customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local SMEs, Cullen Language Services is a company based in Lyon that specializes in teaching professional English for corporate clients.


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