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Thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe have been able to start-up or expand their businesses thanks to the EIF. The entrepreneurs below have all benefitted from equity capital or loans backed by the EU provided by a wide range of financial institutions, acting locally as EIF's  financial intermediaries. 

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LA Aquatics: Aquarium Tranquillity

  •  Release date: 12 April 2017
In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, the calming effect of an aquarium should not be underestimated. Aaron Wherry owns LA Aquatics, a shop specialised in aquatic livestock and dry goods, ranging from marine fish to corals and invertebrates. Located on the Isle of Wight, Aaron also offers maintenance packages to suit his clients’ needs, installing and maintaining aquariums of all types and sizes, be it a small tank or a full living reef. But it wasn’t always calm and serene ...

Best at Home: Personalised care and support

  •  Release date: 10 April 2017
Best at Home is a company that provides personal, nursing and social care, and offers companionship in the comfort of its clients’ own homes. It also takes its clients out and about, depending on their needs. With Best at Home, Asweenah Deane, the company’s founder, has created the kind of social project that helps people in need. Back in 2009, things were looking pretty tough for Asweenah, and she was in a different kind of need herself. Following her divorce, she went bankrupt ...

At it Again! : Bringing Irish literature to life

  •  Release date: 07 April 2017
At it Again! bring literature to life in a fresh and playful way. The company’s founders, Maite and Niall, allow you to take a literary adventure by exploring Irish writers, their stories and the places that inspired them. Based in Dublin, At it Again! are influenced by mid-twentieth century design and illustration, pop culture and of course, books. The books are targeted at adults, be they local book-lovers or visiting tourists looking for a memento from Ireland. “We were on a ...


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