EIF for SMEs

You are an entrepreneur or a SME looking for finance ...

EIF indirectly supports SMEs by working with a wide range of financial intermediaries (banks, guarantee, microfinance institutions, private equity and venture capital funds, etc) that provide a wide range of financial products to SMEs, such as:


The EU supports individuals facing uncertainty in the job market who wish to set up their own micro-enterprise or opt for self-employment. If you are a (future) entrepreneur or a micro-enterprise and are looking for a micro-loan below € 25.000 you can get further information from a microfinance provider offering EIF microfinance financial instruments and acting as EIF intermediary in your country. The financial intermediary will inform you about specific application requirements and procedures, varying accordingly to each local market.


The European Union supports financing for SMEs to help them start up or grow their businesses through a wide range of programmes. Please refer to our webpage where to access finance and select your country to find the contact details of all local banks and microfinance institutions providing loans to SMEs under agreements signed with EIF.


If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for investors, we suggest that you submit your investment proposal and business plan to the fund management companies with which we have signed a partnership agreement. Please refer to our webpage where to access finance and select your country to find their contact details.

Other sources of EU finance
This multilingual website http://europa.eu/youreurope/business/funding-grants/access-to-finance will help you to apply for further sources of loan and equity finance supported by the European Union.


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