EIB Group Complaints Mechanism Policy

    Release date: 14 November 2012

In order to strengthen and formalise its complaints mechanism, the EIB Group publishes relevant existing policies and procedures regarding possible complaints from members of the public who are, or feel, affected by its decisions. These policies, in the field of Transparency, Corporate Responsibility and accountability, including the Complaints Mechanism, apply to the EIB Group as a whole.

The EIB Complaints Mechanism Policy (CMP) provides the public with a tool enabling alternative and pre-emptive resolution of disputes between the latter and the EIB Group. Meanwhile, the CMP assists the EIB group, for the common sake of good administration, by contributing to the identification of possible improvements to the implementation of the EIB Group's activities. The present document shall not be deemed to confer any additional rights of access to justice to the persons lodging a complaint under the procedure set forth therein.

Read more about the principles, terms of reference and rules of procedure of the EIB Complaints Mechanism on the European Investment Bank website.



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