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Thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe have been able to start-up or expand their businesses thanks to the EIF. The entrepreneurs below have all benefitted from equity capital or loans backed by the EU provided by a wide range of financial institutions, acting locally as EIF's  financial intermediaries. 

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How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - Microlux case study: Lux Cars (Luxembourg), Car rental & trade

  •  Release date: 14 December 2017
Originally from Iraq, Hussein came to Luxembourg as a refugee in 2012 with his family, where he initially struggled to find a full-time job.

Movidius: Giving sight to machines

  •  Release date: 13 December 2017
Drones can see almost like humans, capturing and analysing visual information from different sources. They can avoid obstacles in real time, navigate a map and hover over a fixed position without the need for a GPS signal.

How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - SET Ventures case study: Sonnen (Germany), Renewable energy

  •  Release date: 12 December 2017
As the energy sector faces the evolving realities of economy, technology and the environment, new approaches to the industry emerge to offer innovative solutions.

How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - CSOB case study: Kapso Kovovýroba (Slovakia), metalworking

  •  Release date: 11 December 2017
A good idea and professional skills are the key factors in building any business. However, without a strong financial background an idea often fails to materialise.

How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - SET Ventures case study: Elmodis (Poland), Industrial machinery (monitoring devices)

  •  Release date: 07 December 2017
Elmodis is a Polish company based in Krakow that offers an integrated hardware and software solution to monitor the performance of industrial machinery such as conveyor belts, cooling fans, pumps and compressors.


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