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Thanks to EIF's financial intermediaries, thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe were able to start-up and expand their businesses.

Read their stories, by filtering the list below by country, initiative and product. Or watch video stories of entrepreneurs by visiting our video library.

Date Title
02/12/2019 Pop Industry: European scale-up
12/07/2019 Conirom: passion for shoes
12/07/2019 Barleta: finding market opportunities
11/07/2019 Vicmod: fashion and personality
11/07/2019 Froxa: high quality below zero
10/07/2019 Rovalma: different types of steel
10/07/2019 Reproflex: believing in yourself
10/07/2019 Patiseria Casandra: traditional pastries - new ideas
22/03/2019 Carbochim: abrasive growth
22/03/2019 Galvexsa: On a trajectory of growth
22/03/2019 Herma: Growth & Jobs in Extremadura
22/03/2019 Innovative Informational Technology: software for the health sector
22/03/2019 Riego y Gestión: all about water
15/04/2018 Pukas Surf: generations of passion
27/03/2018 Brújula: Boosting tourism online
11/02/2018 Habock Aviation: when failure is not an option
02/12/2017 Umana Medical Technologies: unattended, wireless monitoring of the heart
Date Title

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