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Thanks to EIF's financial intermediaries, thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe were able to start-up and expand their businesses.

Read their stories, by filtering the list below by country, initiative and product. Or watch video stories of entrepreneurs by visiting our video library.

Date Title
25/02/2021 Sandrine Preto: communications services
15/02/2021 Ecce homo: wear your true colours
11/02/2021 Nortarts
10/02/2021 Nikoleta’s Sweet Creations: the sweet side of life
22/01/2021 Louvis Panagiotis: Spartan organic honey
14/01/2021 VetoPhylum: natural remedies for cats and dogs
07/01/2021 Pizzeria Russo: pizza delivery at Réunion
07/01/2021 L’école de la librairie: the future of bookselling
28/12/2020 Ellive: olive oil from ancient Olympia
10/12/2020 Faelles Kafe: climate balls
30/11/2020 Sophiagård Elmehøjen: human wisdom
18/11/2020 Vrigsted Efterskole: tools for the future
17/11/2020 How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - Cooperative Bank of Thessaly case study: Byros Grigoris(Greece), food & beverage
11/11/2020 How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - Cooperative Bank of Thessaly case study: Trikala Fountas Basketball Academy (Greece), sport
06/11/2020 How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - microStart case study: Fazt African Foods (Belgium), Food and Beverage
18/08/2020 Hegyvidéki Ízlel?: restaurant with a cause
09/06/2020 Biofor: giving trees a new life
29/04/2020 Theo and Brom: Philippine chocolate in Belgium
06/11/2019 How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - Triodos Bank case study: Video Instan (Spain), Audiovisual / Social entrepreneurship
30/10/2019 Pescaria Cascada: nature and family
30/10/2019 Codesian: precision agriculture
29/10/2019 Yumeko: changing the world sleeping
27/03/2019 Ecoalf: value in waste
21/03/2019 Neapolide Cooperativa Sociale: rascals at work
14/02/2019 SMATE: Made in Italy
06/02/2019 Drôle de Pain: responsible bakery
04/02/2019 Bici-t: the new way to visit Torino
08/01/2019 How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - Triodos Band case study: The Colour Kitchen (Netherlands), Social enterprise
08/01/2019 Motrogeanu Vlad Stefan II: family first
26/10/2018 How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - Triodos Bank case study: Impact Hub (Spain), co-working, events & impact programmes; social enterprise
18/09/2018 Flex Health & Fitness: fitness revisited
11/09/2018 Sign Time: making the digital world barrier-free for the deaf
10/09/2018 La Fabrique: Quality and solidarity
29/06/2018 Small Flower Garden Dumitrache: quality requires technology
21/03/2018 PLANUS EU: The door to safety
13/03/2018 Bukky’s Agency: airport shuttle services
27/02/2018 Ta helonakia: baby swimming
26/02/2018 STAXON: sharing expertise
12/02/2018 Helioz: preventing waterborne disease in a sustainable way
22/01/2018 Gaston Luga: Lifestyle fashion
18/01/2018 Enigmind: Experiences with meaning
14/12/2017 How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - Microlux case study: Lux Cars (Luxembourg), Car rental & trade
04/12/2017 Solshine Ecofoods: A better world through food
28/11/2017 How EFSI benefits SMEs in Europe - Microlux case study: Cake Atelier (Luxembourg), Food and Catering Industry
20/11/2017 Get West: Year-round entertainment and team-building
06/11/2017 About-A-Bounce: From fun and games to sustainable business
07/06/2017 Reina Margarita: Sustainable cosmetics
01/06/2017 My Slouch: Glowing in the dark
31/05/2017 Luxus Home Fragrance: Lighting up the business
12/04/2017 LA Aquatics: Aquarium Tranquillity
10/04/2017 Best at Home: Personalised care and support
07/04/2017 At it Again! : Bringing Irish literature to life
26/07/2016 PerMicro (Italy): La Catrina, Ironing shop
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