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Thanks to EIF's financial intermediaries, thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe were able to start-up and expand their businesses.

Read their stories, by filtering the list below by country, initiative and product. Or watch video stories of entrepreneurs by visiting our video library.

Date Title
02/03/2018 Tuvalu Media: boosting European productions
19/02/2018 IP Cleaning: powering sustainability
05/12/2017 360Learning: making digital training an uplifting collective adventure
30/11/2017 Ynsect: Insect protein innovation
15/11/2017 Utimaco: Providing security that builds trust
20/10/2017 C-Feed: Producing feed for baby fish
19/10/2017 Aramisauto: Cars bought online and delivered to your doorstep
18/10/2017 Evaneos: Tailor-made trips, designed by local travel agents
16/06/2016 KfW (Germany): Fusscentrum, Handcrafted physiological shoes
25/02/2014 Sentica Buyout Fund III & IV (Finland) : Pihlajalinna, healthcare
25/02/2014 Acton GmbH & Co. (Germany) : momox, second-hand trading
03/02/2014 Privredna Banka (Croatia): Palma, Bed & Breakfast
10/12/2013 360 Capital Partners (The Netherlands): BMEYE, Cardiovascular monitoring devices
10/12/2013 Inventure (Finland) : Whitevector Oy, Social media monitoring
10/12/2013 Baltcap (Latvia): Interinfo Latvija, Advertising
10/12/2013 Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund (Sweden): Aluwave, Intelligent modules and lighting systems
10/12/2013 360 Capital Partners (Italy) : Electro Power Systems, fuel cell systems
10/12/2013 WHEB Ventures (UK): PassivSystems, Home energy management products
10/09/2013 aws (Austria): Lasertechnik, welding company
10/09/2013 UniCredit Bank (Hungary), Biotech, medical implants
10/09/2013 Finansbank (Turkey): Bonnyfood, retail company
10/09/2013 First-Step (Ireland): Happy Foods, food supplier
22/08/2013 Pekao (Poland): PTTK Murowaniec U A Kusion, hostel
22/08/2013 Siagi (France): Le Grand Pré, restaurant
22/08/2013 KfW (Germany): Thale, speech therapy clinic
22/08/2013 Participatiefonds/Fonds de Participation (Belgium): Karelicious, chocolate boutique
22/08/2013 Microbank (Spain): Dance school
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