The list below includes all our equity investments since inception (1994). If you are a fund management company and would like to cooperate with us, please see how to submit an investment proposal.

If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for finance, please note that we do not invest into SMEs directly. We suggest you to contact our financial intermediaries, you will find the list split by country at where to access finance. The EIF-supported funds provide entrerprises with equity finance but also advice and know-how. Please note that EIF is not involved in the decision-making process of any of our financial intermediaries, which are based on standard commercial criteria.

21 Centrale Partners IIIFranceGeneralist
21 Centrale Partners IVFranceGeneralist
21 ConcordiaPolandGeneralist
21 Développement IIFranceGeneralist
21 DéveloppementFranceGeneralist
2nd HSBC UK Enterprise Fund for the North EastUnited KingdomGeneralist
2nd HSBC UK Enterprise Fund for Yorkshire and HumbersideUnited KingdomGeneralist
360 Capital OneFrance, ItalyICT
3T Telecom Technology TransfertFranceICT
3TS TCEE Growth Fund IIIRomania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, EstoniaGeneralist
3 TS CISCO FundTurkeyICT
Abingworth Bioventures VIreland, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, GermanyLife Sciences
Abingworth Bioventures VIUnited Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, BelgiumLife Sciences
Abingworth Bioventures VIUnited Kingdom, Generalist
ABN AMRO Causeway Mezzanine Partnership LPUnited Kingdom, BelgiumGeneralist
Aboa Venture II KyFinlandICT and Life Sciences
Accent Equity 2003Norway, SwedenGeneralist
Accent Equity 2008Finland, SwedenGeneralist
Accent Equity 2012Sweden, Finland, Denmark, NorwayGeneralist
Accession Mezzanine IIIPolandGeneralist
ACT 1999 Private Equity LtdUnited Kingdom, IrelandICT
ACT 2001 Venture Capital FundIreland, United KingdomICT
Actera Fund ITurkeyGeneralist
Actera Partners IITurkeyGeneralist
Activa Capital IIIFranceICT
ACG CapitalFrancegeneralist
Acton GmbH & Eureka II KGLife Sciences
Acton GmbH & Co. Heureka KGSweden, United Kingdom, GermanyICT
Adara Ventures SICARGermany, Portugal, United Kingdom, SpainICT
Add OneSweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, FranceICT
Advent Ventures Life Sciences VUSALife Sciences
Advent Private Equity Fund IIUnited Kingdom, Germany, FranceICT and Life Sciences
Advent Private Equity Fund IVGermany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, FranceICT and Life Sciences
Aescap VentureSwitzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, United KingdomLife Sciences
Aglaia Oncology FundNetherlandsICT
Aglaia Oncology Fund IINetherlands, ICT
Albuquerque FCRPortugalGeneralist
Alcedo IIIItalyGeneralist
Allied Capital Germany Fund LLCVGermanyGeneralist
Alta Berkeley V C.V.Ireland, United Kingdom, FranceICT and Life Sciences
Alta Berkeley VI C.V.United Kingdom, Ireland, FranceICT and Life Sciences
Alto Capital IIItalyGeneralist
Alto Capital IIIItalyGeneralist
Development Capital I SCAItalyGeneralist
Alven CapitalFranceGeneralist
Amadeus IUnited KingdomICT
Amadeus IIIIreland, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, DenmarkICT
Amadeus II AIreland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, FinlandICT
Ambienta II Italy, NorwayICT and Life Sciences
Amsterdam Action Fund B.V.Netherlandsgeneralist
Anadalucía Capital DesarolloSpainGeneralist
Angelventures Serviços de Consultoria SAItalyICT
Arca Impresa DuemilaNetherlands, ItalyGeneralist
Arcadia Small Cap FundItalygeneralist
Argos Expansion FundFranceGeneralist
ARGUS Capital Partners IILatvia, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, TurkeyGeneralist
Armada Mezzanine Fund IIDenmark, Finland, SwedenGeneralist
Armada Mezzanine Fund IIISweden, DenmarkGeneralist
Arx IIICzech Republic, PolandGeneralist
AS Biomedicinsk Udvikling IIDenmarkLife Sciences
Aster IIFranceCleantech
Astorg IIIFranceGeneralist
Athena Private Equity FundBelgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Italy, PortugalGeneralist
Atlantic Bridge IIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Atlas Venture VIIGermany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, AustriaICT and Life Sciences
Atomico Ventures IIDenmark, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, France, United KingdomICT
Atomico Ventures IIINetherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, France, Spain, DenmarkICT
Auriga Bioseeds IFranceICT and Life Sciences
Auriga Ventures IFrance, GermanyICT and Life Sciences
Auriga Ventures II ASweden, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, BelgiumICT and Life Sciences
Auriga Ventures IIISwitzerland, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, FranceICT and Life Sciences
Avallon MBO Fund IIPolandGeneralist
Avenir Entreprises MezzanineFranceGeneralist
Avlar Bioventures Fund I LPUnited KingdomLife Sciences
Avlar Bioventures Fund II LPSweden, United KingdomLife Sciences
AXA Venture Fund IVNetherlands, FranceICT and Life Sciences
Balderton-capital-VICT and Life Sciences
Baltcap Latvia Private Equity FundLatviaGeneralist
Baltcap Private Equity FundEstonia, Latvia, LithuaniaGeneralist
Baltcap Private Equity Fund IILithuania, Estonia, LatviaGeneralist
Baltic Investment Fund III CVSweden, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, EstoniaGeneralist
Baltic Rim Fund LimitedUnited KingdomGeneralist
Baltic SME Fund CVLatvia, Estonia, LithuaniaGeneralist
BAMs Angel Fund IIBelgiumGeneralist
Banexi Ventures IIFrance, SwitzerlandICT and Life Sciences
Banexi Ventures IIIFrance, United Kingdom, SwitzerlandICT and Life Sciences
Baring Central Europe FundRomania, Poland, Bulgaria, HungaryGeneralist
Baring English Growth Fund (Midlands) LPUnited KingdomGeneralist
Baring English Growth Fund (North) LPUnited KingdomGeneralist
Baring English Growth Fund (South) LPUnited KingdomGeneralist
Baring European Private Equity Fund L.P.France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Spain, GreeceGeneralist
Baring Iberia IISpainGeneralist
Baring Iberia IIISpainGeneralist
Baring Iberia Inversión en Capital, Fondo de Capital RiesgoPortugal, SpainGeneralist
Baytech IIUnited Kingdom, Switzerland, France, GermanyICT and Life Sciences
BayTech Venture Capital GmbH & Co. KGGermany, FranceICT and Life Sciences
BC VenturesGermanyGeneralist
Beechbrook Fund IIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Bencis Buyout Fund IINetherlands, BelgiumGeneralist
Big Bang Ventures IIBelgiumICT
BioamFranceLife Sciences
BioMedInvest Fonds IISwitzerland, GermanyLife Sciences
Black Peak Fund CoöperatiefBulgaria, Netherlandsgeneralist
BPI Venture CapitalPortugalgeneralist
BPM CapitalLithuania, Latvia, EstoniaICT
Bridgeport Development CapitalUnited KingdomGeneralist
Bridges Ventures Fund IIIUnited Kingdomgeneralist
Bridges Social Impact Bond FundUnited Kingdomgeneralist
Bridges Ventures Fund IIIGermanygeneralist
Brockhaus Private Equity GmbH & Co. KGGermany, SwitzerlandICT
Bullnet Capital SCR, S.A.Portugal, SpainICT
Bullnet Capital Fund IISpainICT
BV IVGermany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Switzerland, FranceICT and Life Sciences
BV 5FranceICT and Life Sciences
Cape Natexis IILuxembourg, ItalyGeneralist
Cape Natexis Private Equity FundItalyGeneralist
Capital EUnited Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, IrelandICT
CapMan Equity VII FundSweden, Norway, Denmark, FinlandICT
Capricorn Cleantech FundNorway, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, BelgiumCleantech
Capricorn Venture Fund N.V.BelgiumICT and Life Sciences
capzanine IIIFranceGeneralist
Caravela Fund B.V.PortugalGeneralist
CD3 - Centre for Drug design and DiscoveryBelgiumLife Sciences
CEE Private Equity LPCzech Republic, Austria, Hungary, PolandGeneralist
Central European Growth IV Beteiligungs Invest AGRomania, Austria, LuxembourgICT
Chalmers Innovation FundSwedenICT and Life Sciences
Cipio partners Fund VIFrance, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, United KingdomGeneralist
Close Brothers Growth Capital Fund IIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Close Brothers Growth Capital FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
Coinversion Neotec SA SCRSpainLife Sciences
Conor Technology Fund IISweden, Estonia, FinlandICT
Consilium Private Equity FundItalyGeneralist
Consilium Private Equity FundItalyGeneralist
Corpfin Capital Fund IIISpainGeneralist
Corpfin Capital Fund IIISpainGeneralist
Creandum II L.P.SwedenICT
Creandum III L.P.Denmark, FinlandICT
CreathorSwitzerland, France, GermanyICT
Creathor IIIGermanyICT and Life Sciences
Crescent Capital IIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Cross Road Biotech IISpainLife Sciences
CRT Pioneer FundUnited KingdomLife Sciences
Dahlia B SICAR SCAGermany, Norway, United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, France, DenmarkGeneralist
Darby Converging Europe Fund III Estonia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Turkey, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, LatviaGeneralist
Dawn Capital Fund IIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Debaeque II FCRSpainICT and Life Sciences
Delta Equity Fund II LPIrelandICT and Life Sciences
Demeter Fund IIGermany, France, Spain, BelgiumCleantech
Demeter IDEA Cleantech Seed FundFranceCleantech
DFJ Esprit Capital III LPUnited KingdomICT
DN Capital - European Digital Infrastructure Fund 1Germany, United Kingdom, France, FinlandICT
DN Capital - Global Venture Capital IIGermany, United Kingdom, FranceICT
DN Capital - Global Venture Capital IIIFinland, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Denmark, SwedenICT
DN Capital GVC IIIPoland, France, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Croatia, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Slovakia, Portugal, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, IrelandICT
Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Fund Italia L.P.ItalyGeneralist
Dritte SHS Technologie GmbH & Co. KGAustria, Switzerland, GermanyLife Sciences
Dundedin Buyout Fund IIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Dunedin Buyout Fund IIIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Dundedin Buyout Fund IIIUnited KingdomGeneralist
DVCG Deutsche Venture Capital GmbH & Co. Fonds II KGBelgium, GermanyICT and Life Sciences
E-CapitalBelgiumICT and Life Sciences
E-Capital IIIBelgiumICT and Life Sciences
European Angels Fund (EAF) Germany - EckertUnited KingdomGeneralist
European Angels Fund (EAF) Germany - FriebeGermanyGeneralist
EAF-Germany LeoGermanyICT
European Angels Fund (EAF) -StraschegGermanyGeneralist
Earlybird IVUnited Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Turkey, Sweden, Netherlands, GermanyICT and Life Sciences
Earlybird Digital East FundTurkey, Netherlands, Austria, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, Sweden, GermanyICT and Life Sciences
EB 2007 Opportunities FundGermanyICT
EBM, Fondo de Capital RiesgoSpainICT
Eden One LPUnited KingdomICT
Eden TwoUnited KingdomICT
Elaia Alpha FundFranceICT
Elderstreet Capital PartnersSweden, United Kingdom, IrelandICT
Eleven FundBulgariaICT
Elikonos Fund IGreeceGeneralist
EMBL Technology FundAustria, Germany, United Kingdom, SwitzerlandLife Sciences
EMBL Technology Fund IIGermany, AustriaLife Sciences
Emerging Europe Accession FundLatvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech RepublicGeneralist
Emertec 5FranceGeneralist
Empower FundNetherlands, Bulgariageneralist
Enabling Technology Limited PartnershipBelgium, Germany, Denmark, SwedenICT and Life Sciences
Environmental Technologies Fund IILife Sciences
EonTech IItalyICT
EquiNet Early Stage Fonds Nr. 1 GmbH & Co. KGGermany, FranceICT and Life Sciences
Verdane ETF II Sweden, Norway, FinlandICT
Eqvitec Technology Fund I L.P.Finland, Lithuania, SwedenICT and Life Sciences
Eqvitec Technology Mezzanine Fund I B L.P.FinlandICT and Life Sciences
ES - Capital - Sociedade de Capital de Risco, S.A.PortugalGeneralist
Eurasia CP Jersey L.P.TurkeyGeneralist
Euroknights VSwitzerland, Italy, Francegeneralist
Euroknights VIFrance, Switzerland, Italygeneralist
Environmental Technologies Fund IILife Sciences
Euromezzanine-7Life Sciences
EuroQube S.A.Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, SpainICT
Euroventures IIISlovakia, Cyprus, HungaryGeneralist
Explorer IIPortugalGeneralist
Explorer IIIPortugalGeneralist
Fagus NV (Fortis Bank Venture Capital)BelgiumICT and Life Sciences
FCIR Fonds Pour le Capital Investissement RegionalFrance, LuxembourgGeneralist
FCJE Fonds de Co-investissement pour les Jeunes EntreprisesFranceICT and Life Sciences
FFT 3 - Fonds de Fonds TechnologiqueDenmark, FranceICT and Life Sciences
Finadvance Ventures IFranceICT and Life Sciences
Finatem III GmbH & Co. KGGermanyGeneralist
Finnmezzanine Fund II D KySweden, Denmark, FinlandGeneralist
Finnmezzanine Fund III C KySweden, Denmark, FinlandGeneralist
Finnventure Rahasto V ET KyNetherlands, Sweden, Denmark, FinlandICT
Fondo EURO-ICO, F.C.R.SpainGeneralist
Fondo Inter-Risco IIPortugalGeneralist
Fonds National de Garantie pour le Développement TechnologiqueFranceGeneralist
FonsinnocatSpainICT and Life Sciences
Forbion Capital Fund IINetherlands, Germany, Sweden, United KingdomLife Sciences
Forbion Capital Fund IIIUnited Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, GermanyLife Sciences
Fountain Healthcare Partners Fund IIrelandLife Sciences
Fountain Healthcare Partners Fund IIIrelandLife Sciences
FPCR 2000 - Fonds de promotion pour le capital risque 2000FranceICT and Life Sciences
FPCR - Fonds Public pour le Capital-RisqueFranceICT and Life Sciences
FPCR MezzogiornoItalyGeneralist
G43 Anatolian Venture Capital FundTurkeyGeneralist
Galileo IIGermany, United Kingdom, Italy, FranceICT
Galileo II BFranceICT
Galileo IIIFrance, United Kingdom, SwitzerlandICT
GED Iberian FundPortugal, SpainGeneralist
GED Sur FCRSpain, PortugalGeneralist
GEM BeneluxBelgium, NetherlandsGeneralist
GEM Benelux IINetherlands, Belgium, LuxembourgGeneralist
Genesis Private Equity FundCzech RepublicGeneralist
Gilde Europe Food & Agribusiness Fund B.V.France, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, BelgiumLife Sciences
Gilde Healthcare IIIreland, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Slovenia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Croatia, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, Netherlands, Sweden, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Greece, Estonia, Spain, France, Denmark, Belgium, Slovakia, Cyprus, Finland, Austria, Germany, RomaniaLife Sciences
Gilde Healthcare IIIDenmark, Germany, United Kingdom, NetherlandsLife Sciences
Global Life Science Ventures IIDenmark, Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, AustriaLife Sciences
Global Cleantech Capital IIFranceCleantech
GMT Communication Partners IIIMalta, Denmark, Germany, Finland, United KingdomGeneralist
Go Capital AmorçageFranceLife Sciences
Go Equity II LPGermany, AustriaGeneralist
Gresham IV FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
Growhow Rahasto I KYFinland, SwedenGeneralist
Growth Capital IIIUnited KingdomGeneralist
HBM BioCapital IIHungary, Austria, Slovakia, Norway, Lithuania, Germany, Croatia, Israël, Ireland, Belgium, Serbia, Romania, Finland, Spain, Turkey, Latvia, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Denmark, United Kingdom, Estonia, France, Poland, NetherlandsLife Sciences
HealthCap VINorway, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Spain, NetherlandsLife Sciences
Heidelberg Innovation BioScience Venture IINetherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, SwitzerlandLife Sciences
Hexagone IIIFranceGeneralist
Highland Europe Technology Growth FundUnited KingdomICT
Holtzbrinck VGermany, Switzerland, AustriaICT
Horizonte Technologiefonds Österreich B.V.AustriaICT and Life Sciences
HPE PRO Institutional FundGermany, Netherlands, SwitzerlandICT
HSBC E F for QTPAustriaICT and Life Sciences
HSBC Enterprise Fund for East Anglia and the Home countiesUnited KingdomGeneralist
HSBC Enterprise Fund for the MidlandsUnited KingdomGeneralist
HSBC Enterprise Fund for WalesUnited KingdomGeneralist
HSBC North East Seed Capital FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
HSBC UK Enterprise Fund for Greater LondonUnited KingdomGeneralist
HSBC UK Enterprise Fund for the North WestUnited KingdomGeneralist
HSBC UK Enterprise Fund for the South EastUnited KingdomGeneralist
HSBC UK Enterprise Fund for the South WestUnited KingdomGeneralist
HSBC UK/Finance Wales Fund for WalesUnited KingdomGeneralist
HTA III Technology Beteiligungs-Invest AG (ex HTA II)AustriaICT
Icos Capital FundLife Sciences
Icos Capital Fund IIILife Sciences
IFE III MezzanineFranceGeneralist
Industrie et Finance Investissements 3 (IFI 3)Francegeneralist
IGI Investimenti SudItalyGeneralist
IMH Venture CapitalGermany, FranceICT and Life Sciences
IMI Risk Sharing Global LoanItalygeneralist
Imprimatur Capital Seed FundLatviaICT and Life Sciences
Imprimatur Capital Start Up FundLatviaICT and Life Sciences
Indigo Capital FranceFranceGeneralist
Inflexion 2006 Buyout FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
Inflexion 2010 Buyout FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
Inflexion 2012 Co-Investment FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
Inflexion Co-Investment FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
Initiative & Finance IFranceGeneralist
InnKap II Denmark, Finland, SwedenICT and Life Sciences
InnKap IIIDenmark, Sweden, Finland, NorwayICT and Life Sciences
Innogest CapitalItalyICT
Innova III LPSlovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, RomaniaGeneralist
Innovacom 5Finland, Sweden, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, BelgiumICT
Innovacom 6Germany, United Kingdom, FranceICT
Innovation & Proximité IFranceICT and Life Sciences
Innovationsfonds HessenGermanyGeneralist
Innovationsfonds Schleswhol. & Hamburg GmbHGermanyGeneralist
Inveni Secondaries Fund III KyFinlandLife Sciences
Inventure Fund Ky (ex Holtron)Finland, SwedenICT
Inventure Fund II KySweden, France, Norway, FinlandICT
Inversiones en Telecomunicaciones, F.C.R.France, SpainICT
Invest Equity BeteiligungsSweden, Germany, AustriaGeneralist
IP Venture FundUnited KingdomICT and Life Sciences
IP Venture Fund IIUnited Kingdomgeneralist
IPF Fund 1Luxembourg, generalist
Iris Capital Fund IIBelgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, United KingdomICT
Iris Capital Fund IIIGermany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, United KingdomICT
Miura Fund IISpainGeneralist
ISIS Equity Partners IVUnited KingdomGeneralist
ISIS Growth FundUnited Kingdomgeneralist
Istanbul Venture Capital Initiative (iVCi)TurkeyGeneralist
IT Partners N.V.BelgiumICT
IT Provider Fund IV LPUnited Kingdom, Finland, Norway, SwedenICT
IT TranslationFranceICT
Karmijn Kapitaal NetherlandsGeneralist
Karnell FundSwedenGeneralist
Karolinska Development Co-Investment Fund (KCIF)SwedenLife Sciences
Keensight Fund IVEstonia, Finland, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Ireland, Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Norway, Slovenia, LatviaICT
Kennet I Limited PartnershipGermany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, NetherlandsICT
Kennet IIIGermany, Spain, France, DenmarkICT
Kennet IVDenmark, Spain, France, GermanyICT
Kiwi Venture Partners IFrance, Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Finland, ItalyICT
Kreos Capital IV (Expert Fund) LimitedUnited KingdomGeneralist
Lakestar I generalist
Lead Equities IIAustriaGeneralist
Leuven CD3BelgiumLife Sciences
Life Sciences Partners IV B.V.Netherlands, GermanyLife Sciences
Life Sciences Partners II B.V.Austria, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, SwitzerlandLife Sciences
Life Sciences Partners III B.V.Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, SpainLife Sciences
Limerock Venture FundSlovakiaGeneralist
LitCapital FundLithuaniaGeneralist
Lithuania SME FundLithuaniaGeneralist
Litorina Kapital 1998 KBSwedenICT and Life Sciences
Litorina Kapital 2001 KBSwedenGeneralist
Litorina Kapital IIISwedenGeneralist
Litorina Kapital IVSwedenGeneralist
Livonia Partners FundEstonia, Lithuania, LatviaICT
Louvain VIVES IIBelgiumCleantech
Lyceum Capital Fund 2000 (Number one) Limited PartnershipUnited Kingdom, GermanyGeneralist
Lyceum Capital Fund IIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Lyceum Capital Fund IIIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Mangrove IIUnited Kingdom, Estonia, France, Poland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, NetherlandsICT
MB Venture Capital Fund I N.V.Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, NorwayICT and Life Sciences
MCH Private Equity Fund IISpain, PortugalGeneralist
MCP Private Capital Fund IUnited KingdomGeneralist
Mediport Venture Fund II GmbHGermanyLife Sciences
Mediterra Capital PartnersTurkeyGeneralist
Mentha Capital FundNetherlandsgeneralist
Mercapital Spanish Buyout Fund IIISpainGeneralist
Merlin Biosciences Fund IIIUnited KingdomLife Sciences
Merlin European Biosciences FundSwitzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, FranceLife Sciences
Metric Capital Private Debt Fund IDenmark, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Finland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, ItalyGeneralist
Mid Europa FundHungary, Poland, Czech Republicgeneralist
Middle Market Fund IIIFranceGeneralist
Middle Market Fund IVFranceGeneralist
MML Capital Partners Fund VUnited Kingdom, IrelandGeneralist
Montefiore Investment IIFranceGeneralist
MTI Three B Limited PartnershipUnited KingdomICT and Life Sciences
Munich Ventures Partners Fund IIGermanyCleantech
MVM Fund III L.P.United KingdomLife Sciences
MVM International Life Sciences IIUnited Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, GermanyLife Sciences
Nausicaa VenturesBelgiumICT and Life Sciences
Nauta Tech III, SCRSpainICT
NBG Technology L.P. (Fund)Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, GreeceICT
Neomed InnovationNorwayLife Sciences
Neotec Capital Riesgo Sociedad de Fondos SA SCRSpainICT and Life Sciences
NeSBIC CTE Fund II B.V.France, Netherlands, United KingdomICT
NeSBIC CTE Fund B.V.Netherlands, France, United KingdomICT
Neuhaus III GmbH & Co.KGGermanyICT
Neulogy VenturesSlovakiaICT and Life Sciences
New Europe Venture Equity IIBulgariaICT
New Tech Venture Capital FundLuxembourg, France, United Kingdom, Spain, SwitzerlandICT
Newion Investments IIBelgium, Luxembourg, NetherlandsICT
NGN BioMed Opportunity ISwitzerland, GermanyLife Sciences
NIBC Growth Capital Fund IIBelgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, GermanyGeneralist
Nordic Biotech K/SUnited Kingdom, Denmark, SwedenLife Sciences
Nordic Biotech Opportunity Fund KSDenmarkLife Sciences
Nordic Biotech Venture Fund II KSNetherlands, DenmarkLife Sciences
Verdane NVP II SPV K/S United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, FinlandICT
Nordic Venture Partners Seed K/SDenmark, Sweden, FinlandICT
NorthCap IVS Fund IIIDenmark, SwedenICT
NorthEdge FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
Northzone VISweden, Finland, Norway, DenmarkICT
Notion Capital IIUnited KingdomICT
Odin Equity Partners Fund IISweden, Denmark, FinlandGeneralist
Odyssey S.C.A. SICARGreeceGeneralist
Open FundGreeceICT
Open FundGreeceICT
Open Ocean Fund IIIFinlandICT
Oquendo Mezzanine IISpainGeneralist
Oxycapital Mezzanine Fund – Fundo de Capital de RiscoPortugalGeneralist
Partech Fund VILuxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, FranceGeneralist
Pathena FundPortugalGeneralist
Pentech Fund IIreland, United KingdomICT
Pentech Fund IIUnited KingdomICT
Pera Private Equity FundTurkeyGeneralist
Perfectis IIFranceGeneralist
Pinova Fund IGermanyGeneralist
Piraeus JEREMIE Technology Catalyst FundGreeceICT
PMI Venture Fund LPUnited Kingdom, Finland, SwedenICT
Polish Enterprise Fund V LPPoland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, BulgariaGeneralist
Polish Enterprise Fund VI LPBulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, PolandGeneralist
Polytechnos Ventures Fund IIUnited Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, IrelandICT and Life Sciences
Pond IIITurkey, France, Spain, United KingdomICT
Pontis Venture Partners I Beteiligungs-Invest AGAustriaICT and Life Sciences
Pontis Growth Capital Fund IISlovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, HungaryICT
Portobello Capital Fund IISpainGeneralist
Portobello Capital Fund IIISpainGeneralist
Portobello Fund IIISpaingeneralist
Portugal Venture Capital Initiative PVCiPortugalGeneralist
Power Fund IIIFinlandCleantech
Power Fund II FinlandCleantech
Practica Seed Capital KUBLithuaniaGeneralist
Practica Venture Capital KUBLithuaniaGeneralist
Prefequity Fund IUnited KingdomGeneralist
Prelude Trust plcUnited KingdomGeneralist
Prime Technology Ventures IISweden, United Kingdom, Finland, NetherlandsICT
Prime Ventures IVNetherlandsICT
Privast Capital PartnersFrance, Belgium, Netherlands, United KingdomICT and Life Sciences
Priveq Investments IVSwedenGeneralist
ProA Capital Iberian Buyout Fund I SpainGeneralist
Praesidian Capital EuropeGermany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, DenmarkGeneralist
Progressio Investimenti II ItalyGeneralist
Quadriga Capital Private Equity Fund IIIGermany, AustriaGeneralist
Quadrivio New Old Economy FundItalyICT and Life Sciences
Quester Venture PartnershipSwitzerland, United KingdomICT and Life Sciences
Qure Invest Life Sciences FundGermanyLife Sciences
R Capital IIIFranceICT and Life Sciences
Raffaello Jersey Ltd PartnershipItalyGeneralist
Resource Eastern European Equity PartnersPolandGeneralist
Rhône Alpes PMEFranceGeneralist
RiverRock European Opportunities Fund (ex BLM)Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, AustriaGeneralist
RJD Private Equity Fund IIIUnited KingdomGeneralist
RJD Private Equity Fund IIUnited KingdomGeneralist
Robulution Capital FundFrance, Generalist
Rock Spring Ventures United KingdomLife Sciences
Royalton Capital Investors IISlovenia, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, HungaryGeneralist
Rutland Partners LLPUnited Kingdomgeneralist
Sachsen LB V.C. GmbH & Co. KGGermanyICT and Life Sciences
Sanpaolo IMI Private Equity Fund I, L.P.Italy, United KingdomICT
Science & Innovation Fund 2001United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Denmark, LuxembourgICT and Life Sciences
Scoial Venture FundGeneralist
Scope Growth IISweden, Norway, FinlandGeneralist
Scope Growth IIISwedenGeneralist
Scottish Equity Partners IIUnited KingdomICT and Life Sciences
Scottish Equity Partners IIISpain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, FranceICT and Life Sciences
Scottish_Equity_Partners_IVUnited KingdomGeneralist
Seaya VenturesSpainICT
Seedcamp IIIGermany, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic, Ireland, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Poland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Netherlands, Slovakia, Romania, HungaryICT
SEEFT VenturesFranceICT
Sentica Buyout Fund IIIFinlandGeneralist
Sentica Buyout Fund IVFinlandGeneralist
Serena CapitalFranceICT
SFK 99 Technology Fund KyFinlandGeneralist
SHS MedTechGermanyICT
Sintef Ventures IVNorwaytech
SME Mezzanine FundGermanyGeneralist
SNCI SME Development Global LoanLuxembourgICT
Sofinnova Capital IIUnited Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, GermanyICT and Life Sciences
Sofinnova Capital IIIFrance, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, BelgiumICT and Life Sciences
Sofinnova Capital IVSweden, Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany, BelgiumICT and Life Sciences
Sofinnova Capital VDenmark, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Norway, France, Italy, SwitzerlandICT and Life Sciences
Sofinnova Capital VIIFranceICT and Life Sciences
Southbridge Europe Mezzanine FundGreeceregional
Sovereign Capital Limited Partnership IIIUnited KingdomGeneralist
SPEF Pre IPO European Investment FundFrancegeneralist
Spinnaker InvestFrance, SpainICT
Star III Private Equity FundItalyGeneralist
Steadfast_Capital_Fund_IINetherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, BelgiumGeneralist
Strategic European Technologies N.V.France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, United KingdomICT and Life Sciences
Sunstone Technology Ventures Fund III K/SDenmark, Sweden, NorwayICT
Sunstone Lifescience Ventures IIINetherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Norway, EstoniaICT
Swedestart Life Science Fund KBSweden, FinlandLife Sciences
Swedestart Tech Fund KBSweden, Norway, Finland, DenmarkICT
Symbion Capital I A/SDenmark, SwedenICT and Life Sciences
Syntaxis Mezzanine Fund IIAustria, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Czech RepublicGeneralist
Talde Capital, F.C.R. ISpainICT and Life Sciences
Talde Capital, F.C.R. II SpainICT and Life Sciences
TechFund Capital Europe FCPRGermany, FranceICT
Technofonds Bayern IISwitzerland, GermanyGeneralist
TechnostartSwitzerland, Austria, Germany, United KingdomICT and Life Sciences
Technostart Ventures IIGermany, Denmark, United Kingdom, SwitzerlandICT and Life Sciences
The Clean Energy Transition FundTurkeyICT
The Environmental Technologies FundGermany, Norway, France, Sweden, United KingdomCleantech
The First Cambridge Gateway FundUnited Kingdom, Sweden, IrelandICT and Life Sciences
The Golden Mouse PartnershipLuxembourg, Sweden, ItalyICT
The Guinness Ireland Ulster Bank Equity Fund Limited PartnershipIrelandICT
The ICC Private Equity FundIreland, United KingdomGeneralist
The UK High Technology Fund LtdUnited KingdomICT and Life Sciences
The Viridian Growth FundUnited KingdomICT and Life Sciences
The_Third_Alcuin_FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
TLCom Capital LLP and Alpha SCAFrance, Italy, United KingdomICT
Tlcom I LPIreland, Sweden, Italy, France, United Kingdom, FinlandICT
Tlcom II LPLuxembourg, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, FranceICT
Trinity Venture Fund I AIrelandICT
Trinity Venture Fund II United Kingdom, Sweden, IrelandICT
Turkish Private Equity Fund IITurkeyGeneralist
TVM Life Science ventures VIFinland, Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, NetherlandsLife Sciences
UBF Mittelstandfinanzierungs AGAustriaGeneralist
UK Regional Venture Capital SchemeUnited KingdomGeneralist
UK Future Technology FundUnited KingdomICT and Life Sciences
UMIP-MTI TTA FundUnited KingdomICT and Life Sciences
United Ventures OneItalyGeneralist
Vallis Sustainable Investments ISpain, PortugalGeneralist
Vendis CapitalBelgium, NetherlandsGeneralist
VentechFranceICT and Life Sciences
Ventech BFranceICT and Life Sciences
Ventech Capital IIGermany, France, SwitzerlandICT and Life Sciences
Ventech Capital FFranceICT
Verdane Capital VIIIDenmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Generalist
Verslo Angelu Fondas I LithuaniaGeneralist
Venture Initiative for the Balkan Europe (VIBE)BelgiumGeneralist
View Point VenturesGermany, LuxembourgICT
Vision ExtensionSweden, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, GermanyGeneralist
Vives SABelgiumICT and Life Sciences
Waterland Private Equity Fund II B.V.Germany, Belgium, NetherlandsGeneralist
Wellington PartnersGermany, SwitzerlandICT and Life Sciences
Wellington Partners III Life Sciences Fund LPGermany, France, Switzerland, United KingdomLife Sciences
Wellington Partners III Technology Fund L.P.Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, SwitzerlandICT
Wellington Partners IV Life Science FundGermanyLife Sciences
Wellington Partners IV Technology FundFrance, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, SwitzerlandICT
Westbridge SME FundUnited KingdomGeneralist
WHEB Ventures Private Equity Fund IIIreland, Norway, United Kingdom, Sweden, GermanyCleantech
WHEB Ventures Private Equity Fund IISweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, IrelandCleantech
Wisequity IIIItalyGeneralist


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