What is the Corporate Innovation Platform (CoriP)?

CoriP is a strategic investment programme offering corporates an easy and efficient tool to access the European innovation ecosystem. It is designed for corporates as a plug and play solution for innovation sourcing, strategic investment, spin-off, M&A as well as partnership and collaboration management 

You are a corporate: what are the benefits for you?

You will be able to plug into the European Innovation Ecosystem to:

  • Lead future technology waves and drive disruptive business models
  • Amplify your innovation potential and co-innovate to the benefit of your customers
  • Address portfolio gaps, get proprietary access to prime strategic investments and M&A opportunities
  • Collaborate with, build and enlarge your innovation ecosystem
  • Maximise strategic and risk-commensurate financial return
  • Leverage on EIF’s pan-European network of corporates, early stage technology investors and entrepreneurs, including the European Commission, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and key European and national policy makers to create the policy, regulatory and financial environment that will enable future markets driven by innovative products and services.

How does CoriP work?

CoriP focuses on 4 strategic innovation themes to address main societal challenges and related business opportunities:

Digital life
Digital Life

Focuses on implications of the digital economy and in particular technology innovations that disrupt and impact people’s daily lives and the underlying industrial value chains. Drivers include improved fixed and mobile broadband connectivity and advances in internet and smart phone technologies.

Health & Wellbeing

addresses the demographic development and associated challenges for our healthcare systems with a focus on innovations targeting highly regulated medical devices and pharmaceuticals markets as well as less regulated consumer markets to provide cost-efficient, patient-centric and/or consumer-friendly solutions;

Smart things
Smart Things

concentrates on innovations across all industrial sectors: addressing how machines, devices, sensors, businesses and people are connected and able to interact with one another to enhance enterprise productivity in a networked and complex society. The increasing need for smart solutions (for data analysis, design, production/manufacturing, materials) is driven by market, safety/security, regulatory and technological challenges that different industry verticals are facing;


targets innovations addressing challenges posed by global population growth, concentration of the population in cities and dense urban areas, global warming, scarcity of raw materials and resources and innovations solving related environmental issues and enabling efficient use of existing resources;

In view of creating an exchange on best practices in the field of open innovation approaches and corporate venturing, under each investment theme, CoriP invests into a complementary group of 8 to 10 early stage Venture Capital funds pursuing investment strategies in one of the four areas above. Furthermore, CoriP co-invests alongside the most established Business Angels and Family Offices in Europe that are actively investing in companies in the respective theme’s segment.

A formalised Engagement Model allows corporates getting a privileged access to Venture Capital fund managers, Business Angels and Family Offices (investors) who will share with them their deal pipeline, co-investment opportunities, domain expertise, market knowledge and networks and introduce corporates to relevant early stage companies. Corporates in turn engage in sharing market knowledge and intelligence, strategic considerations, product roadmaps and technical expertise with the investors and early stage companies.

Are you a large corporate interested in partnering with us under CoriP?

You should fulfil the following selection criteria:

  • Able to operate in the proposed set up, i.e. corporates demonstrate that they are open for an active interaction and collaboration with other stakeholders of the CoriP and that they have the capacity and willingness to exchange know-how and experience with venture fund managers and their investees.
  • Ready to actively engage in collaboration with all other stakeholders of the CoriP and to dedicate sufficient senior and qualified resources.
  • Able to show complementarities and compatibilities with other participating corporates in each compartment, i.e. cross-corporate collaboration, share key trends and dynamics in the development of the corresponding theme, advise on the investment strategy of the corresponding theme, formulate and share strategic innovation roadmaps.

Are you ready to join a plug and play solution to source innovation, access a large investors base and much more?

Admission to CoriP is on a first come first served basis!

Join CoriP!


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