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Thanks to EIF's financial intermediaries, thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe were able to start-up and expand their businesses.

Read their stories, by filtering the list below by country, initiative and product. Or watch video stories of entrepreneurs by visiting our video library.

Date Title
25/05/2016 SAS JEREMIE LR (France): medical robotics
17/05/2016 Confeserfidi (Italy), Eco-friendly gardening products
18/03/2016 Odyssey fund (Greece): Liater, virtual fitting room application
19/05/2014 LitCapital (Lithuania) : Brolis Semiconductors
15/04/2014 JEREMIE Openfund II (Greece): Tribe, wearable computing company
15/04/2014 Piraeus JEREMIE Technology Catalyst Fund (Greece): Intale, commercialised i-kiosk company
15/04/2014 JEREMIE Open Fund II (Greece): Incrediblue, boat rental company
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